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  1. toddszr600

    Southern Ontario is pooched!

    Sitting outside Dorset on kawagama right now, it poured last night, lot well over a foot of snow. I think we are hooped, just watched a guy surf across the lake on his sled, doesnt look like fun.........
  2. toddszr600

    Fortnine Parts Retailer

    As mentioned, great for motorcycle parts and gear, haven't bought much sled stuff there yet, but Im sure I will.
  3. toddszr600

    Haliburton Lk trail 10

    Yup, there is a sign at the corner of the B trail warning of logging
  4. toddszr600

    Hunters with rifles on 301!

    You see this a lot down here in farm country, if there is snow on the ground, people, including myself, are coyote hunting. Its not unusual to see dogs running and trucks on side roads, even saw a truck on a trail once, a rarity as these are respectful people, but likely his land. Hunters are generally good people , like sledders or any group there are some exceptions, but try not to generalize, Im sorry you were disgusted.
  5. toddszr600

    OFSC On-line Map Working? Is it just Me?

    This is still on OFSC home page
  6. toddszr600

    'Sup with all the Klim gear

    I like my Klim sled gloves, Klim bike gloves not so much, need alien length fingers for them to fit, I think they are a little too proud of their product as far as price is concerned. Wanna get a mortgage, try some of their Bike Adventure gear Jacket - $2250-2300 Pants - $1300 -1400!! Ouch!
  7. toddszr600

    South portage to Dwight beach?

    Sounds like its being run, anyone do it?? what to watch for bubblers etc.
  8. toddszr600

    Some Six Star Snow Riders trails destroyed by ATV's

    Sled trespassing while a problem does not end up looking like this
  9. toddszr600

    Is The Fat Lady Singing In Southern Ontario??

    That happens here too Faceman, but its usually not when there is snow on the ground, its atvs that get trails closed here a good percentage of the time and the club still takes the heat.
  10. toddszr600

    Is The Fat Lady Singing In Southern Ontario??

    Sled pic is Thursday near Exeter, snow was quite good north of Parkhill, around -16 in the am The Bike was today, got up near +15 today! wierd
  11. toddszr600

    US to Canadian Dollars

    If there is a currency exchange place at your border crossing that will be your best rate, I live near the border and the exchange place(run by the bridge corp. or in Ontario tourism shop) is always better then my bank.
  12. toddszr600

    Billie bear

    I thought I read somewhere in a post I now can not find that there has been some work around, at least partially, for Billie bear rd, did I dream this? if not does anyone have any details as it would be nice in a low snow year. Cheers, Todd
  13. toddszr600

    Are you ready?

    Sleds on the stand being gone over... Too bad some have put the bikes away, I got out on Tues, I never really put it away, always i the corner on the charger with a little sefaoam in every tank, but its a DR, no chrome to rust
  14. toddszr600

    Baysville Express (Closed )

    This is what it looked like in late Sept. where the bridge was, the bridge itself has just been tossed to the side on the south edge of the road with no sign of road work anywhere in the area north of Pine springs.
  15. toddszr600

    Tall Pines Members?

    We ride a lot out of there, buddy has a place on Kawagama.