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  1. Chapleau Accomdations

    Sounds like Manitouwadge 10 yrs ago...
  2. SOO Trail condtions?

    Where was that split in the Hydro taken? Isn't that Marathon? You didn't mention Marathon in your schpeal. .
  3. Halfway haven to chapleau..

    ... and wear their jammies out in the snow! .
  4. Halfway haven to chapleau..

    Sold? What kind'a putz would buy that old place? .
  5. Geraldton/Greenstone Reconnected

    10 yrs @ 70 hrs? Must be something lost in the metric conversion somehow? .
  6. Geraldton/Greenstone Reconnected

    I love the trails around Marathon, but even with all of the enthusiasm, any trails west of the Soo to Hearst line will never be justifiable unless Thunder Bay has a change of heart. The town is just not skidoo friendly, and thus apparently hardly anyone from there rides. IFAIK we have one guy here from T/B, and that is the ONLY guy that I can recall EVER posting from T/B. They must all spend their time curling and drinking over there to go out and play in the snow... ??? Point being that D west of Wawa, and for sure west of White River, and A trail west of Mooseland hardly ever saw a snowmachine - even back in the heydays of the early 2000's. The locals don't ride that far from home, other than the occassional poker run to the intersection of the two clubs and back, and the Yanks simply are not plunking down $200/sled to go that far north. Terrace Bay would be lucky to be open by early Feb on a good year, whether it be from lack of interest, or weather issues. If the motel jockies aren't willing to sit their assets in the groomers and brush trails in the fall, then they shouldn't expect the Yanks to come. And there really isn't much of anything at all between Hearst and T/B. It's just out on the gas line, so it is wide open and safe I guess. Close to the hwy if you find yourself in a jackpot... But hardly a nice ride through the bush. If we can keep everything up through Hornepayne and east open, you better feel good about that. I really don't see these other communities ever reaping the benefits, and a resurgance in interest will be sqworshed quickly with no traffic. So you fella's that aint been that way, and those of you that have and liked it, you better gitcher assets up there as soon as you hear that it is open, but make sure of where to stay is open. Again - District 16 didn't see Jack for traffic in the heydays.... .
  7. Have not seen any reports since the last warm spell. Is there any snow left in the bush in this area? I'm sure it's hero, but ???
  8. A search of the Soo Star only shows that it was closed on Tuesday until further notice. I checked both Luc's and Russ's facebook pages, and no mention there either. .. and Mo is off in the sun yonder, so .... It would seem that at least Luc would have mentioned it if he is on the other side of it. Any updates? Any pics/video this time? .
  9. Plowed roads don't need to be a major issue to snowmachines - IF the grader guy set his wing level and 4' off the ground. This pushes the snow away from the road, and gives the skidoos a flat runway up top to ride. You still need to be carefull up there, but at least your not down on the sand and gravel. Maybe if the clubs would talk to the loggers, and request such - the grader driver likely doesn't think about it otherwise. .
  10. Well they had the big worsh out open in about 3 days that last time. The Queen takes 17 pretty seriously, but honestly, unless it's going to any of the North Shore communities or The Soo, Hwy 11 is safer anyhow for through traffic. .
  11. For late season conditions in Searchmont, you usually need to unload at the trailhead, maybe a 1/2 klick or so further out from Carl's. You can park there, or take your truck up to Carl's and walk back. Wawa will depend on how tight Wawa Lake is. I don't think that there is any trail into town other than the lake anymore, so ... I know that Algoma Ice has not been all too good this year doo to not much real cold weather, and lots of snow blanketing. Call your motel in Wawa if staying there for lake conditions. I recommend The Bristol Motel if you don't have anything lined up. They will be the most in touch with conditions. Unless you are riding strait from Halfway up to Dubreuil? Again - that puts you mostly out on Whitefish Lake in ??? conditions. With the warm-up (can't ride the edge of the road) I don't know if there is a trail from Anjigami up to Hawk Junction or not? I know that there usta be a marked trail out there before, but I don't know where that comes from or goes to. ??? Also - I don't know if there is gas in Hawk anymore. It could be difficult for a stock machine to run from Halfway up to Hornepayne w/o doglegging through Wawa. .
  12. A105Q status for 2017

    Looks like you should easily be able to ride the river right into town! .
  13. "Day" Trail Passes?

    What's with the 2 day min rule? We would be buying 2 days anyhow, but what about someone that wants to come up for a Sunday to try it out? And for any local that decides that he wants to dig the old sled out and ride with the guys "tomorrow"? A free weekend, but not a 1 day pass? ??? .
  14. "Day" Trail Passes?

    I figgered so, but I haven't bought a "day" pass in .... well, not sure if I ever have? .
  15. "Day" Trail Passes?

    I have a chum that will possibly be buying a weekend type pass. Possibly for next weekend, but - not likely. I sent him the link to purchase them, and he said that it looked like you needed to doo it in advance so that they had time to mail them to you. Shirley there is something that can simply be printed out eh? .