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  1. I knew of Dunc Lake, but not of this place. When did this open originally? .
  2. Ox

    Newfoundland anybody

    Saw on the news (?) Weather (?) a cpl days ago that there was still 3' yonder. .
  3. Ox

    Newfoundland anybody

    "Content not available right now" However - I did just see a post on Snowest from a fella that was still riding from home on the Que/Lab border. (Didn't look like good snow, so don't feel too bad...)
  4. OK, so y'all don't have the corner on the redneck market ....
  5. OK, so which of y'all was piloting this h'yah rig? This was parked outside the Canadian Tire in The Soo. Pretty sure that it had a Canuk tag on it. ???
  6. Ox

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

    Had a '73 or '74 that I could not git the steering wheel off to fix, and ended up going with some system like that for a while. I just (now) remember that I had several toggle switches up there for turn and ??? It had already seen it's heydays before I got it.
  7. Ox

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

  8. Ox

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

    I would Shirley hope that they git back-up cams back there long before automation on wind dams. .
  9. Ox

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

    Those gizmo's on the back of the trailers tend to cause havoc when parking in the truck stop. (CRUNCH!) .
  10. There was life before internet, and you can get internet via satellite just aboot anywhere. Halfway Haven is on sat internet and phone. I had sat phone for <20 years. If you find it too dangerous to venture outside the wire, Shirley you can stay inside? Then there is the fact that the town itself can doo something on it;s own. The little burg that I frequent in Colorado has gotten together and installed some sort of remote server in their town. I don't know how it is served it'self - if it is sat linked or what? The rates are likely higher than they are in the city, but _ that's just part of living outside the wire.... .
  11. Ox

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    Well if it's on Crown Land, once the OFSC is done with it, you should be able to ride all you want - without a tag. The land isn't closed, just the official "trail". As for the grease, I have threatened to drill and tap a pipe thread in the bottom of the case somewhere to allow to be able to flip the motor over, pull the pipe plug out and shove some grease up in there. (without dissassembling the whole motor) However - I converted both of mine to greaseless many years ago. But if I was to stay greased, that's prolly what I would'a done.
  12. He was.... >20 yrs ago we were riding in Da UP eh on what happened to be opening day (Dec 15). EWe didn't know it was an official opening, we just headed up b/c there was snow. We only saw one other sled all day! We met on a blind corner when we were getting lax and were both on the inside too far. Fortunately - that was back in the 440 fan days (we were both running 1970's iron yet). We both hit the bush on the other side, and the other guy never blinked an eye. He was in the right. It is close calls early on that learn you with some amount of safety. Learning those lessons on 800's is a whole nother ordeal. ... now he says that he was reasonable, and I agree that the vantage point of the camera doesn't get it all. But just saying that it is those low traffic days that can really git'chew in a jackpot, and when skis lock, it's seldom a good outcome. Trust me - I am nobody's safety guy. I don't wear my seatbelt. I seldom wear safety glasses at work. I can find about any reason to head out in a blizzard! These are related to my own safety. But blind left of centers are a big deal to me. It is not just your own life that you hold in your hands. I've even seen this on the roads - where someone is left on a hilltop and everybody ends up dead.
  13. Looked like some blind corner left of center from my vantage point....
  14. I'm afraid that I need to ask - What is "The Missing Link"?
  15. Ox

    Winter 2.0

    At-home child birth sure has it'a advantages. My daughter was 3 before we had her paid off....