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  1. Ox

    Sault Ste. Marie - 2018-2019 - Season

    "this website" As in ontarioconditions? There is a map here somewhere? .
  2. Ox

    Sault Ste. Marie - 2018-2019 - Season

    We hit that area a cpl of times with the ATV's ~ 15 yrs ago. Tried to take a connecting road that was all growed up. Looked good on the map, but nature had reclaimed her. Could still see some old iron tools/attachments laying around here or there, but eventually it go too thick to even guess where the trail was anymore. It was all uphill tho, and there was a spring fed crick coming from near the top of all places. Water was good. I didn't git Beaver Fever from that! We ended up taking a new road currently under construction up to the dam from that area. The trees had recently be felled and there was loads of dirt dumped every so often that needed leveled out yet. It was slow progress through there, but faster than if it was still bush I guess. LOL! Just noticed the windmills via sat photo's - maybe a year ago.
  3. Ox

    Sault Ste. Marie - 2018-2019 - Season

    Really, anywhere in there can be hilly, or maybe not so much. It all comes and goes. 20-30 klicks later you git something different, only to change back again... I've been through Mekatina many times. (That close to where my daughter seen the big _ bad _ wolf.) "Very Hilly" wouldn't have been my first thought tho .... Mekatina is also where the MNR crashed the chopper while out counting moosies in the 2000's. They had moved the chopper out hours before we came through that next weekend. The equipment was all still there yet. .
  4. Ox

    Unbelievable actually believable

    Booze better NOT be a player! Border patrol doesn't want Yank's with DUI's, so y'all must be dry up there eh? It seems hard to believe that he would have went out to water skip on a lake that is starting to freeze after dark? That seems like the absolute worst of all possible choices?
  5. Ox


  6. Ox

    William Tozer & Trapping

    Got in my December SnowTech magazine and was leafing through and the words "Otter Rapids" caught my eye. Now I know of "an" Otter Rapids, but prolly not the one that they are talking aboot in this magazine. There is prolly one in MinniConsin somewhere.... ??? But no - this article was (is) aboot running up to Moosonee and staying at Tozer's camp. Article written by a hoser from S Ontario, not some Yankee. .
  7. Ox

    Doo dealer visit today..

    The helmet is heated?
  8. Ox

    Doo dealer visit today..

    These are "old skewl" helmets? No - pop-a-top lids on these? I bought a new HJC a few years ago and I just could not pull it down far enough. I felt that it should come down at least another inch, maybe inch-n-a-half? I bought it anyhow as I figgered that they werk for everyone else, it'll be OK. Well it is COLD! The wind howls through there when I get stuck on the trail heading back to the truck. It will now be a summer use only helmet. I went back to my old Laser (and buying them up on e-bay as I see them) How would you say these compare with my cold HJC? .
  9. I knew of Dunc Lake, but not of this place. When did this open originally? .
  10. Ox

    Newfoundland anybody

    Saw on the news (?) Weather (?) a cpl days ago that there was still 3' yonder. .
  11. Ox

    Newfoundland anybody

    "Content not available right now" However - I did just see a post on Snowest from a fella that was still riding from home on the Que/Lab border. (Didn't look like good snow, so don't feel too bad...)
  12. OK, so y'all don't have the corner on the redneck market ....
  13. OK, so which of y'all was piloting this h'yah rig? This was parked outside the Canadian Tire in The Soo. Pretty sure that it had a Canuk tag on it. ???
  14. Ox

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

    Had a '73 or '74 that I could not git the steering wheel off to fix, and ended up going with some system like that for a while. I just (now) remember that I had several toggle switches up there for turn and ??? It had already seen it's heydays before I got it.
  15. Ox

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint