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  1. We got into Gaspe after you that night but got to McDonald’s just before it closed at 11:00. We checked in and proceeded directly for food. The next day we broke 25 km of trail (3 feet of snow) east across to Murdochville. Some people were still stranded in Murdochville for the 3rd night where we arrived. We then abandoned or plan to get to New Richmond and headed north to Staint Anne Des Monts. Very interesting trip that I will never forget. Cheers
  2. I assume that your group heading into Gaspe also got pulled over by the Quebec Ministry of transportation truck with the flashing yellow light? We got stopped and thought we were in for a lecture for driving down the highway. Asked what hotel we were staying at and escorted us right through town to the hotel. He told us he was the second group that he helped out that night. The road running was actually very good. No slider or carbine wear and the machines ran very cool. Just glad everyone seemed to fine a spot for the night.
  3. Bunker. Nice pictures We were in the front of that line with my son on his RMK breaking the trail. Picture of him below. Sorry we could make it all the way. It was getting dark. Not sure if you were part of the first group that ran the road to Gaspe vor the group of 11 with us in the 2nd group. Terry
  4. Was in Gaspe at the same time. What a week.... Monday night was mess for us and a bunch of sledders. Stuck with the trail closed going east to the town of gaspe. We ran the road the last 94 KM directly down the highway. Wasn’t as bad as we expected. Just before town Ministry of Transportation pulled us over with a flashing light. We expected to fine or something. Asked what hotel we were staying at and escorted us right down the road into town.
  5. I get off lake of bays where the black X is showing on the picture. Ice is safer then close to Baysville. There is a small boat lunch at that spot. Road run west to Brunel then north to the trail. I update the section in red that has been closed for 2 years and the new yellow trail that has been added in that area. I know my route is not exactly the one you asked about but might be useful for others
  6. Monkey Wrench Garage. I saw the sign also and believe the owner is a member here. Wanted to say thanks to him for the offer. Cheers. Terry
  7. Call the baysville country store. They used to allow parking for trucks and trailers for a small donation that is used to purchased kids toys. (705) 767-2498
  8. Ya. I guess that is it 02, Guess that could also mean, handlebar risers, any aftermarket skis or carbides might fall into the same boat. I guess I just like the idea of measuring the sound level vs saying no aftermarket.
  9. My personal option aside: I have always personally considered the section regarding muffler’s unclear within the Snowmobile Act. Maybe it is just me but what part says aftermarket muffler is not allowed. I see where a straight pipe can’t be installed. Equipment requirements Muffler in working order 18 (1) No person shall drive a motorized snow vehicle unless it is equipped with a muffler in good working order and in constant operation and no person shall drive a motorized snow vehicle which has a muffler cut-out, straight exhaust, gutted muffler, hollywood muffler, by-pass or similar device upon the motorized snow vehicle. R.S.O. 1990, c. M.44, s. 18 (1). Removing or modifying any component (2) No person shall drive or permit to be driven any motorized snow vehicle upon which any component or device, which was required under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Canada) at the time that the motorized snow vehicle was manufactured or imported into Canada, has been removed, modified or rendered inoperative. R.S.O. 1990, c. M.44, s. 18 (2).
  10. I’m at the westway this weekend and haven’t heard anything about an issu here.. Your right the Parking is open and well lit. Would be hard for something to happen unnoticed.
  11. Use Died Diesel and save on road tax in your snowmobile, how many of us would like to be able to do that :~)
  12. No iphone app this year and I can't see how the weblink option will show your position like the iphone app did. I loved that option. http://www.ofsc.on.ca/experience/trip-planner/gps-mobile Why would they not still support the app I have no idea.
  13. I will just have to tell the Polaris driver in our group that all Polaris dealers provide parking to compensate for the inferior product as a marketing tool. (Just joking and doing the required brand bashing that happens every weekend)
  14. Opinion taken. Rickward's it will be. Do they have room for longer trailer? I have a four place? Thanks Blake
  15. I plan to be in the area and will look for you. Right now we plan to start at the Emsdale Tourist center around 10:00. We will be riding slow as 3 of the 5 sleds in our group don't have studs and have longer paddles on the tracks. I plan to take it slow as the leader of the group, we will be the ones that will be getting past all day :~). I have printed your map with your trail rating numbers on it as a guide for the day. Look for my Orange sled and if you see me stop and say hi. Might plan to be at the Edgewater for lunch. T
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