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  1. GibsonNytro

    Abitibi Canyon Basecamp news

    excellent news! will be riding the loop at least once this coming up week. We were just going to ride the east side up and down so we could still make a visit to the boys at the top and grab a dog. That East side is a wicked trail.
  2. GibsonNytro

    2020 Great Big Loop/Northern Blastoff

    Nice Photos! Heading up there in the morning. Looking forward to riding these trails again.
  3. GibsonNytro

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    I think we passed you out by Housey Rapids on Saturday. I was leading a pack of 11 sleds going south on the D trail heading to Tailwinds for lunch.
  4. GibsonNytro

    Sled 4 SALE: 2013 Arctic Cat FX800 ltd

    BUMP! PRICE REDUCED: $4,999.00 Comes with a 2020 Ontario Trail Pass!
  5. GibsonNytro

    Sled 4 SALE: 2013 Arctic Cat FX800 ltd

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm not much of a computer guy so I don't know what to do. I can see them so I figured everyone can. I will try and see what i can do.
  6. GibsonNytro

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    Yeah, no kidding.
  7. GibsonNytro

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    I have a 100% stock sled (Yamaha Nytro) and I have had issues a few times going through spot checks where the OPP have hassled me saying my exhaust is too loud. When I tell them the sled is stock they don't believe me. Now I have never had a ticket and it doesn't happen all the time. It has happened a hand full of times. I also agree that the pipes are too loud and annoying. The C trail goes right through the back of our property and when someone goes by in the middle of the night with a huge braaap it sucks.
  8. Hello everyone - I have a buddy looking to sell his sled, please see below information and photos of the sled: 2013 Arctic Cat xf800 sno pro ltd. Has about 6,000 miles on it, the first 4,000 miles were done in Hearst as a fishing sled. It’s a 2 stroke 800 141 track with a secondary fuel tank that feeds the main. Studs have less then 500km on them. The rear rack and trailer hitch included. Stock with all updates. Also have a 4'x8' wooden enclosed trailer and other items related to this sled. Sled: $5,999.00 Trailer: $999.00 Both Located in Guelph. PM me and I will be happy to pass along his phone number. Thanks!
  9. GibsonNytro

    Honey Harbour Ice conditions?

    I had a buddy call me this morning asking me about the ice in Honey Harbour. I told him there is NO chance Id be running the bay right now. It's just too risky right now with the weather we have had this winter. I have no interest in swimming in the summer let alone the winter. LOL. If there is no stakes up going out on the bay there is no way Id head out. But that's just me. We are on a small lake just north of 6 Mile (Gibson Lake) and the ice is good there, but no where near the amount we normally have at this time of the year.
  10. GibsonNytro

    Snowmobile trip check list

    Nice list - Thanks for sharing!
  11. GibsonNytro

    2020 Great Big Loop/Northern Blastoff

    Sounds good
  12. GibsonNytro

    2020 Great Big Loop/Northern Blastoff

    Me and my buddy are booked at the Westway March 7 to 14 if anyone is in town then. Would be nice to put a face to the screen name. We are planning to do our loops out of Cochrane with 1 night staying in Hearst. Keep you eyes peeled for a Yamaha Nytro & Polaris Rush, wave us down to say Hi. We haven't been up there for 2 years and we are really looking forward to it. Sorry to Hijack your thread.
  13. FYI: Kelly Shires Sled run is this weekend out of Hidden Valley Resort. Will be buy up that way.
  14. GibsonNytro

    Seguin Trail

    Post on South Seguin Facebook Page last night saying they had a excavator in to fix a washout on the Seguin trail. However It doesn't say where the work was done. Thanks for the hard working in getting the trails ready! Fingers crossed we get some more snow.
  15. GibsonNytro

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    Summit 850 TURBO!