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  1. Stayed there many times. It's a popular spot for sledders with really nice rooms. Restaurant is really good also but slow.
  2. Stayed at Cedar Meadows Lodge in Timmins a couple of weeks ago and it was good and easy to access.
  3. Thanks, you describe it well. A couple of the moves we made allowed us to continue our trip. Unlike another group that we met back up with at the end. They were a group of 3 who ended up in a cabin up there for 3 days with nothing more than a couple of chocolate bars. I was much happier to be in our position.
  4. Yes he guided us in as well, very helpful! I was surprised to see everything shut down even Mc Donald’s. We made out ok with carbides also, think there was a layer of ice and enough snow. We were stuck in Gaspé the next day after traveling out 50 Klm’s the groomer told us to go back. So Wednesday with trails still not opening we got a large flatbed and trailer as well as 2 cabs and went to Chandler. Dropped there and rode sleds to New Richmond. Very eventful to say the least!
  5. Hi Terry; i remember both you and your son. We rode behind you guys for quite awhile earlier in the day. I was in the first group to blaze the road to Gaspé and when we got there everything was closed; even Mc Donald’s
  6. Here is a few pictures to demonstrate the crazy snow there in Gaspe. The line of sleds was probably over 40 that had to turn around and get beck to blaze 90 km's of road to Gaspe.
  7. I feel like Quebec treats snowmobiling like a business. All paid and constant grooming and far superior signing. If you like to put on big miles, it's simply the best!
  8. Yes much better rate. 2019 Skidoo 900 turbo $651 full coverage and 2012 Yamaha Phazer with no collision $113
  9. I just switched both my snowmobile and ATV policies from TD to the Personal Insurance, after 15 years with them.
  10. Yes it is right close to the B103, and it has a Utltramar gas station is right there. The trail lead is one block down.
  11. I left there on Jan 28 and it was terrible, just ice and dirt and returned Feb 4 and completely better conditions. Should be real good now.
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