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  1. Saw a flatbed of Doos today on the way home
  2. I usually trade to save the hassle too always been treated fairly at dealer with values
  3. Sounds like opportunity for some
  4. Was wondering that myself, I hope things are going better for them but this season sure couldn’t have helped
  5. The end of an era 2025 SRX
  6. For fun built a Boost Indy VR1 137 Dynamix Package 2 and it comes to $30,328 😲, also noticed the heated seat option is $744 now, other than the dynamix shock system I didn’t notice too much new nice looking line up,
  7. Sledguy74


    570 news saying February was the second warmest in 110 yrs …… where was a warmer one ?? lol 😂
  8. No need to upgrade for me new trailer would be nice but mine will go another year
  9. Woke up to cold and snow and tomorrow it will be all gone again lol 😂
  10. Sledguy74


    I’ve only managed 64 miles this season, and 0 last year but I am not able to get away the past few seasons , next year should be better to get away and ride Some might land good deals with left over inventory at dealers would guess snow check orders will be low for 2025 but who knows
  11. 2025 Polaris launch march 4th for those upgrading after this winter
  12. I see rail line is open from Orangeville to Owen Sound this afternoon
  13. Safe to predict a sales slump for 2025 ? Yamaha business development group are high diving each other right now lol
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRr2uJrfNhA this guy has quite the Doo collection
  15. My dad had a 2000 XCR 800 and it was a great sled and yes we wished we had kept it too
  16. That’s a lot of recalls lol
  17. My dad never had issues with his 95 Storm 800 but i heard many did, wish we had kept it and the XCR 800 triple The Fusion 900 was a low point for sure i heard the 600s were good , never had the chance to try either
  18. Other products are a necessity atv and utvs are the bigger business
  19. Skidoo use to have a dealer in what seemed every small town but years ago changed and made them buy more product and from that decision lost a large number of dealers they are not struggling by any means today but I really questioned pushing out a hefty portion of your network cat and Poo have lost a lot of dealers the same way, just the way it is today
  20. Putting the pressure on the dealers to maintain manufacturing volume isn’t that fair to me some will be stuck with units they can’t sell leading to lower trade in values for those who trade frequently
  21. This seasons weather will definitely not help sales for 2025
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