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  1. Rebuilding the drive train this summer or going to try to sneak another season out of it?
  2. Nice! I like the colour cops will know him well soon too. Lol i have the 6.2 litre engine and vette is crazy light.
  3. Fastenal sucks. Never have anything in stock always order and pick up later. Spaenaur in Kitchener is awesome and always has everything in stock and can package it up quickly for you. It is my Go to place.
  4. I don't expect them to cover it, but lots of people do. When you buy an extended warranty that is usually first thing they will tell you, is ac can break and costs thousand to fix, but no worries if you buy this warranty it is all covered.
  5. Only get manufacturer warranty no aftermarket and no deductible. Still they don't cover regular wear items or environmental damage, such as a stone putting a hole in ac condenser.
  6. So Ontario government is starting its assement where the new raised fenced in line will run from London to Kitchener. Going to be a huge headache for snowmobilers and clubs here in south. Won't be any easy area's to cross the tracks if it does get built. Only be a highway crossing every 50 km's with an overpass going over the tracks, all existing roads that intersect with tracks will be dead ends. Going to be a nightmare to get children to school. Imagine having to drive 50 km's to nearest crossing to get over tracks and then another 50 km's to school, when whole trip should have been 10 km's If line wasn't in way. Same thing for police and fire service. We had tracks and they took them out, now they want to build this. Will make working farmland north and south of tracks very difficult too. Hoping someone cans this idea, before billions are wasted and we can't get around efficiently anymore.
  7. No rain checks allowed? Usually they will on oil.
  8. I would stop paying and let repo guy come and collect that one.
  9. What is little use, like 500 km's each?
  10. How many miles was the event on average? I seen some rally's go on for days on tv. Looks like a very interesting sport.
  11. Better to do what manufacturer recommends. I once had a buddy do oil analysis on yammie lube. It was basically bottom of barrel oil and power valves always stuck on it, too, Got tired of cleaning and scraping all gooey deposits off them. No synthetic then in early 2000's from yammie. so I used shell at the time. Four strokes don't have valves to protect, but new turbo's are going to require really good oil no doubt. Mobil 1 is top notch, I run it in every single gas engine I have on farm. Never had an engine die yet and one is over 2,000 hours now.
  12. If you use good oil, can leave filter in place. Not like we drive sleds in dusty or dirty conditions. Mobil 1 if my vechicle was out of warranty I would leave it in for 20,000 km's no worries. Castro would stick to 8 to 10,000 km mark. Have a friend with a BMW runs only Mobil 1, changes it once a year or every 24,000 km's, that is it.
  13. Dissemble the whole engine to re pack and inspect etec crank bearings?
  14. When do you think ISO grease in crank wil run dry? Everyone tells me etec 600 only good for 300 and 800 for 100 hours of operation time before grease runs out and crank seizes. Think I am well past 300 hr mark and no failure yet.
  15. Ow 20 yes. Vette gets something different, they probability just bring in bottles for them. I will ask when I pick it up.
  16. Castro edge isn't a full synthetic even though they claim it is. They cheat and use a Dino base and throw awhole bunch of additives at it. While Mobil 1 base is made in lab, no Dinio oil at all. That is why Castro is on sale so much.
  17. My receipt says our truck gets full synthetic. This not true or are there different oils get used? Always let local gm dealer do the service on it, since I write it a portion of it off anyway's, farm truck. They give me a ride back home and I get someone to drive me back at end of the day to get it. If I need it a k sooner I can wait or they will come and get me. Cost is great and 69.99, why would I go any where else. Corvette gets full synthetic too, but some how I bet that will be a 300 dollar service.
  18. You just jealous you can't ride anymore. If I was local I would be out as well. Wouldn't drive 800 km's to ride in that though, no doubt.
  19. I like brp oil for sled and I let dealer do work during warranty. Already had enough warranty work done to offset the cost of oil change. If you have a good dealer that goes thru sled properly it is worth it. Mine had a few codes in it, dealer replaced, ignition coils and voltage regulator. No more issues now. I like to keep that relationship.
  20. How often do you plain to change oil in 900?
  21. I usually buy it there and is usually 39.99 for 5L last time I bought, not sure what it is now though. This was last June. Probably 50 now I bet. Gas is going to be 1.60 here in Ontario for regular by June big wigs are saying? 1.28 now or so a litre? What is Michigan per us gallon at the moment?
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