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  1. Don't forget blonde too eh.
  2. All they are is distribution/retail - not much you can really strip down other than change up the companies you do business with and control mark-up and where that goes.
  3. Doubt it means much other than behind the scenes - business as usual I suspect
  4. I used to wonder why anyone would let internet chatter and/or a differing of opinions let them get so wound up to the point they would need to leave. But.....,I did vacate a site I frequented daily for several years a little over a year ago and have never looked at it again. I am glad I did - it was good for me, so I guess I can better understand now why some may choose to do what they do. In any event, I enjoy the members here and most importantly - really appreciate the valuable sledding information I get from here, see pictures of people out riding, or just talk about sledding ( since I don't get to ride much ) - that is the passion part and the reason I come here. Glad those that are here are still here.
  5. My son and I will be riding saturday - going home saturday night. willing to trailer to a drop spot to get some trail riding in.
  6. Anyone been up that way over the weekend? If so, how was it. Heading up friday - have only time to ride saturday and back home saturday night. Looks like feeder/connector trails from our door are not ready - so thinking of trailering to Sprucedale area - getting on the Seguin and doing that loop up and around Sand Lake. Alternative is Baysville area
  7. Last trip I did with my father was based out of there. Great spot.
  8. Everyone just sticks to their circles now and that's it. Divide in everyday life has never been greater. You can be a great person with a difference of opinion. Just be good person - surround yourself with people who you enjoy and can make you laugh and that's the ticket.
  9. Hoping to get out next saturday - another week of set-up and hopefully good weather should help things.
  10. Ours is the worst I have ever seen it
  11. Son showed me a Tiktok this morning - sleds were on open trails in Baysville doing interview with the OPP. Vroom vroom. I see yellow in Baysville on the map
  12. Right, forgot about that. And if you miss dinner, you are SOL.
  13. Signfan gave good advice. It's doable either way - but I prefer to make my last day the easier one
  14. there isn't crap to ride in Muskoka, so for sure worth the trek
  15. Extra oil, spare belt, gloves, tools etc, it was an annoyance - now I take my bag off and bring it in with me and set it with my bucket.
  16. Brother in-law lives on Nosbonsing, says okay out there - he's riding it and fishing on it
  17. From a marketing standpoint - it made sense. Did it really cost much? doubtful. Did it gain much? we will never know the answers - but those that need to, do - my guess is it had very little impact if any. Can't cast blame on trying something new, it was for the right reasons and with 100% good intentions. Some ideas work, some don't - what works in one place - does not always work in others. is what it is
  18. Don't leave valuables or anything in your tunnel bag in Whitney - last time I stopped for lunch, came out to any empty tunnel bag.
  19. Been there as long as I have been alive. Strange times
  20. Stay strong, best wishes.
  21. The south is cooked. my rink won’t even be useable other than Christmas. I get the sun all day, no January deep freeze means early end as sun and longer February days kills the ice. this winter sucks
  22. Good you haven't quit - and don't quit. Snowmobiling is safe. Nothing is without any risk. My parents still print off mapquest paperwork if they are travelling somewhere new lol I love it
  23. Ah, well that is a little different from what I was thinking then. Pretty sure our club always says refer to the ITG for status updates- but are kind enough to post pics of the work they do etc. - which is what I really enjoy to view. As long as they aren't trying to shut down images and updates of all the great work these clubs do - then I'm good with the "refer" - but I very much enjoy seeing what all is going on behind the scenes - and those doing it should be proud to showcase it.
  24. Great to hear - ride safe - POST PICS!
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