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  1. There's only one inch of water and its gravel, Just braap it!!! lol
  2. In the old days but now its a logging road but used by public, Like I said they get funding for it by the gov and everyone uses it. Keep an eye on the logging trucks, I learned that moving over and slowing very slow makes it worst as some are a-holes and will gear up and zoom by, if you reduce speed a bit and stay in your lane and before he gets to you slow down and move over its better if not they blast down the road. keep on you side, drive safe and turn on your full lights for them to see you.
  3. That's a long way around, I never use this.. make trip longer. I would rather take 129 to 101 if hwy 17 was closed. Sultan road is my choice.
  4. Hey Mark, I was invited on this ride by my group so I can't decide for the group. I'm sure if you start a new topic looking for people to head north you will be able to find some solo riders like you looking to ride as many people at this time of year are looking for a last ride and the usual groups they ride with are not willing to go again. I would give that a try.
  5. Will do. I will have to take plenty of notes. What else would you guys want to know, what is some information that usualy you do not get in reports, articles that you wished they talked about?
  6. Nice you came close to my area, this you go north from Wawa to my trail system in Dubreuilville?
  7. Right on!!!! See yah next year. The Big comments we get from people that have always been on the East side Cochrane area said that they did not know the trails would be so nice out here and that trafic is lower and lots of snow. The Big loop is helping people discover western parts of the loop that they never seen before. I think every one riding in Northern Ontario should experience this Loop to discover new areas.
  8. No, not for the trip, I'm going to try it out this weekend here.
  9. lol I've talked to him about it. Yes, A trail West to Longlac. I want to do a detailed ride report, like a ride guide to the area, Hotel, Food, Kms, Gas. Things to see on the trail. Not your typical article about a trail ride. A Ride story/Report with The Groomer Guy Style. Once I got it done and out there I will need you guys to share it as if this works out good I have something else in mind to do.
  10. Nice, thanks for this info, I heading out on a trip next week and I need to document it, do a report, doing a write up about it. I will do these changes to my Gopro. So you charge them on the go and swap, that's smart always charging. thanks for the info
  11. Because it has not been groomed in a while and it has monster moguls. From trail 6 intersection to Steep Hill dam. I hope they can do it soon
  12. Well said Steve. We to push for more trail permit enforcement, have those freeloaders using the trail system without helping pay. This year is a bad year for people openly selling permits on facebook.
  13. Clubs need to take some responsibly also, I know of some clubs that where always broke, no paid groomer ops, same number of kms then similar clubs and traffic and some how the club is broke every year. They where paid the same as the other clubs around. Some people suck at managing money running a club. But we blame the OFSC head office for that.
  14. Will keep an eye out for you guys. Can't wait to try it out.
  15. Havent booked yet. We where waiting today for confirmation of other guys coming with us. 1 Canadian and 3 American, "The Can-Am Ride" lol Longlac is not a problem plenty of rooms. Making reservations today or in the morning.
  16. This is not the first season the C101D is reopened, this is the 3rd season. They moved some sections of the trail back to the old one making it better for a more permanent trail, they installed culverts in some places. I've heard lot's of good things about section from Chapleau East .this season
  17. Did you try West of Cochrane? have gone to Hearst? People have been raving about the bi Northern Loop, with this crazy winter the trails are amazing, lot's of positive feedback from riders.
  18. I think people are trying to keep you guys away from where they ride lol, my area is fine.
  19. Leaving Thursday around noon, heading to Hearst for the night and then next day we go to Longlac A trail. Overnight then back to Dubreuilville the next day, Ride around Dubreuill depending what time we come in and then Sunday a ride to Halfway Haven and back if we can pull it off.
  20. I'll have to start doing that. cool pictures.
  21. Wow, some great pictures, do you have it on Picture mode to snap a picture every so on or you take still from video? This is my kind of riding, not big rush, explore, take lakes. We have many options like this available up in my area, we should look its mapping them. thanks for sharing.
  22. Way out there march break don't change anything, not manu people out there on that trail, the only concern I have is if we get snow, we can get in trouble with gas.
  23. Yup, somebody had to do it and be first, All brands can't go on like that, Dealers can't no longer keep those non current sleds in stock. Something has to change and Yamaha is stepping up to do something. It's smart business.
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