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    You'll hear it when your side panel comes popping off or the belt guard banging around in the cowl lol.
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    Not just in D12 Soup. Sad to think, that after all the crap that the volunteers have go through to get trails available, brushing, signing, meeting landowners, club meetings and then go brushing again after heavy snow/ice storms, all the while using their own trucks, trailers, quads or sleds, saws, fuel for all the above, all out of their pockets (at least for me and the guys I volunteer with) that this BS with the insurance/permission wasn't looked into months ago. They screwed this up in '16, and got a bunch of trails closed down for awhile, some never reopened. Why the hell would they do this again?? I'm tired, guys I volunteer with are tired, wasting our time and energy, and money for what? Brutal.
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    Timberline snowmobile club clubhouse. #2 Henan Road Pembroke Have left the rig there several times with no issue. Has direct trail access.
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    hopefully in the next week or so. There are some smaller side trails that are going to take a while longer this year. swamps in the bush still not completely frozen, trees and other hazards as well. We could also use more cold and about 20cm of snow. I think some of the bigger main trails will open in the next week hopefully. Below was posted 4hrs ago. Nickel Belt Snow Spirits Snowmobile Club - District 12 4 hrs · We get that everyone is anxious to get out and ride. And you’re frustrated that the trails aren’t open yet. But we ask that you please be patient. Everyone is working diligently to try and get the trails open as soon as possible, and to make sure they are SAFE!!! This has been a trying year, one unlike any other!! Between the storm that took down so many trees and caused so much work for ALL of our clubs, trails being washed out, and our weather going from -22 to +5, it’s been one of the most difficult years. So we ask again, please be patient. We are working as hard as we can to get our trails open SAFELY as soon as possible! Ty
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    Gobills that looks like the Pourvoirie du Barrage Gouin et Magnan.
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    Agree. We rode 2 Cat 7000's one day and they both ran out of fuel within 1 km of each other at almost exactly 130 miles. We both had a couple extra gallons and finished the ride back to town. We came into Dub from Halfway and decided to run out to a lake north of town without gassing up. Back in the days when it was hard to get gas there. We were riding hard and thus this was deemed to be a minimum distance they were good to go.
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    Irving truck stop. Highway 17 and #41 (Paul Martin Drive). Right on the trail. Sled friendly. Fuel and great food. Let's support them.
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    A pic of a wet area on a small portion of D trail headed toward Kukagami. This was our first time through because of the trees that were down this past Saturday. We laid branches down, then packed with snow to harden up. Just giving an example of the condition of how some of the smaller side trails are. (The water is what is supposed to be the middle of the trail) The more travelled trails are in much better shape and im sure will really start to open up in the next week.
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    It's not a complicated idea, WWII planes were boosted simply to account for reduced air density at elevation. It'll be interesting to see what happens when the knuckleheads get hold of it. Sidewinders are reliable trailable sleds at 270 hp with a stock muffler.
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    Thank you, revrnd. Didn't know about this lot. Could work well when D is available across Trout Lake.
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    Something like the yellow dot path?
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    Many sledders park in the side lot at the Esso station on Highway 101 just across the bridge into Quebec. Two weeks ago I asked one of the staff if they charged for parking, and the fellow said there was no fee. I dont know how to access the trail from there, but I saw at least 20 sled trailers parked. Blake, to get on the trail from the Esso, cross back over 101 towards the mill and go cornerwise across the little field. A trail goes through the bush (you can see it on your screen shot) to a tunnel that takes you back across under 101 and onto the old railbed which is the sled trail. heading north.
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    In the screenshots you can see where the trail runs. I would suggest driving a little further, and parking across from the Auberge Canadian. There is quite a large lot to park at. Pretty sure you can park and ride from there. Maybe call ahead to the Auberge and see. We have stayed at the Auberge and parked in the epmty lot for a 4 day tour a few years ago, no issues. Trail runs pretty much into Auberge lot. Also at the Arena in temiscaming, across the street from the TemRose, the trail is right behind the Arena. It may be possible to park there, but i would call to confirm.
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    Not hardly. I had snow over my CRT (read-out (gauges?)) all day. Couldn't read a bloody thing. I'm not sure that you are gunna hear a beep while you are in it hard enough to doo what it is that is causing the concern?
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    only on a sled would you for 10 months earlier complain about cost of sledding and lack of snow and think about getting out of the sport but then first time you are on your sled immediately think about buying a new one..lol....
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    2017 Sidewinder RTX Excellent condition comes with a tunnel bag handle bar bag forth wheel kit tall windshield fresh oil change ready to ride $ 10,000 call 519-784-6328
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    D201F Short-Cuts *** DISCLAIMER *** For Information Purposes Only Running the Ranger Lake Road from the Mississagi River Bridge westward to the Domtar Road shaves 25 kms off the trip. Running the Seabrook Lake Powerline via Sigel, Heal and Ogston Lakes route shaves 10 kms off the Mashagama Route. Running Lac Cherie and Ward Lake trail shaves 18 kms off the trip to and from Searchmont. The first 3 Photos below are from one of my cross country shortcuts straight down the powerline via Ogston and Sigel Lakes on the Mashagama section of the D201F trail. In the bottom photo, I am scoping out a route on the Lac Cherie shortcut.
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    Sitting in the Motel Louise restaurant in Ville Marie right now. Post after the weekend on trail conditions in the area. Thanks PLC for your comment on Motel Louise. Great little place to stay.
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    Thanks guys, this has been great reading and memories of those trails even up to just a few years ago. I am so looking forward to riding with you Dan and having a beverage or two and trading sledding stories.
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    The F trail from E Lake to Chapleau was a delight. Flame Lake Lodge was a lunch stop to die for and a great place to stay. As was Laurentian Lodge with their own Hydro plant. Stayed there twice on the same trip once. The trail through the Chapleau Game reserve would sell anyone on Northern riding ! Stop in Missinabi for an Ernie’s Burger. Made for a great loop from there through LucVille around to Wawa and Halfway and Searchmont and Wharncliffe then east again to Spanish. Must find pix of that!
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    You will notice that trails are starting to open up around sudbury. With that you may also notice that many trails will stay red for the season due to land permission issues. Places watch for press releases and FB posts for all the details. The system will be very fractured this year with not many interconnections.
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    Tell him to put a match to it.....I have yet to ride a 850 out of Quebec....ride in no problem...week or 2 of riding I have not rode out on the same sled I rode in.....always fun with our crew....lol Turbo will put a smile on his face.....makes those tuned 900"s feel slow....