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  1. Strong Farmer

    Wing Night Friday March 1

    Really! It is for a great cause. I just hope they have Canadian wings, after all it is local farmers that allow the trails to exist in first place.
  2. Strong Farmer

    Wing Night Friday March 1

    Great better save me some forty creek ones. Cheers!
  3. Strong Farmer

    Free Weekend Dead Is a Good Thing

    They have joint permits now in some areas. I only buy day passes so it doesn’t matter to me. Atv is fun for a few rides a year, away from home.
  4. Strong Farmer

    Free Weekend Dead Is a Good Thing

    Common place in central ontario to require permits on some trails. Allot of clubs have dedicated atv trails now and aren’t using same trails as sledders. So permits are a way for them to cover infrastructure like bridges and grading and fill where required. A two day permit is usually like 30 bucks or so, so not too expensive. I have only been checked once and that was on rail line coming out of hailburton going to kinmount. North I am guessing they aren’t organized like central part of province is and use mostly crown land, such as logging roads.
  5. Strong Farmer

    Go snowmobiling Ontario app

    I agree for it support. Lots of good things coming out of Montreal lately though, that I use for business, both software and hardware related. Can even do remote trouble shooting for me too and automatic updates. Amazing actually, what can be done today. Quebec is agriculture hub of Canada and that is why leading companies in sector pick Montreal over Markham.
  6. Strong Farmer

    Go snowmobiling Ontario app

    Lots of government funding in Quebec especially for snowmobiling. Quebec is also global leader in agriculture computer systems such as Maximus. So doesn’t surprise me they have a good online trail map. Very impressed with technology I get that comes out of Quebec, even doo’s come from there too.
  7. Strong Farmer

    Time to say Hello!

    You had to say that. Maybe I should buy a rain suit so I could ride with you. Fingers crossed that the snow will hold and setup to allow an early start to season.
  8. Strong Farmer

    New Year Eve Idea

    That is trend now . Years ago I use to ride in Kearney area at New Years or hailburton down rail way line to kinmount was usually open . Even deerhurst sometimes had open trails down to port Sydney too. Maybe this year will be different. Sometimes east is open early from mattawa to pembroke as well.
  9. Strong Farmer

    Free Weekend Dead Is a Good Thing

    My atv goes out almost every day. At end of day insurance is just over 300 bucks for 2 million liability, fire, theft and collision on a 700 cc Yamaha. I find that very reasonable. Sled is more and I only use it a handful of days a year.
  10. Strong Farmer

    Free Weekend Dead Is a Good Thing

    Hailburton forests does this and they are sure friendly cops if you have your paper work in order. Must be worth three while and maybe need to do it to keep libabilty costs of thier trail system in check. Word gets out fast and then everyone complies pretty much.
  11. Strong Farmer

    Free Weekend Dead Is a Good Thing

    Maybe in future one free day, would be a good promotion. Quebec is still doing it this year so they must see a benefit too it. Ofsc needs to bring in day passes in my opinion. Not everyone wants to ride a min of two consecutive days. With online system should be no issue to sell day passes too.
  12. Strong Farmer

    Sled Insurance - 2019-2020 Season

    What did they tell you about Ice riding and If your sled happens to go thru (hopefully it never happens) I hear different horror stories about going thru ice and insurance is voided and you are on your own essentially.
  13. Strong Farmer

    Driver Training Classroom Numbers Dropping

    Yeah it sucks! Hopefully we get a good year this year. Last year I rode one day from home and that was it for season!
  14. Strong Farmer

    Sled Insurance - 2019-2020 Season

    No more TD either for me. They wouldn’t insure my atv because I registered it in my farm companies name and use it for work around the farm. I moved everything over to a broker and pay similar rates without headaches. Broker automatically manages values of everything I have there too.
  15. Strong Farmer

    FS 2007 Vector GT

    Yes it is part of Facebook. Basically only site I use to buy and sell things now. Nice knowing exactly who is coming to your house to buy your item before handing out the address. Every buddy has a rating like eBay which is nice feature. I find a wide age range of buyers and sellers on there too, so it is popular now. Good luck!