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  1. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Dan, TY for the update!!! I sent you a message.
  2. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Awesome!!! TY!!! And let’s hope there aren’t any more issues with Mother Nature before at least Mid April for you guys north of the border, and April 1 for us south of the border in Mi!!!
  3. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Does anyone know if the Soo area trails (D13) held up from this garbage weather we had? TY!!! And A Huge Thank You to all who make the awesome trails possible!!!
  4. Aubrey Falls - Black Creek

    Have a fun and safe ride Yamaha06!!!
  5. Aubrey Falls - Black Creek

    TY for the info Dan. My In-Laws are planning on being up this w/e, and if things hold up with the warm up this w/e and possible rain next week the guys trip is in just over a week. Not sure who it may have been that you ran into. My father in law would probably have a good guess. I think it could be a couple different people. Video looks good!!! We ran into 3 guys a couple yrs ago (the new Doo Iron Dog had just been released, one of them had one), up at Black Creek. We left, then they caught up to us while having some trail side snacks a ways down the trail and left before us. We hopped a few lakes and stopped again at the end of Primeau Lake, waiting for them. The look on their face was priceless when they realized it was us!!! Lol It is crazy how much time some of those shortcuts save you.
  6. Aubrey Falls - Black Creek

    TY Dan!!! As long as the ice is good for us to get everything (beer, food, clothes) across the lake in the cargo sled behind the machines and decent snow I would bet we will give the trip a shot. TY again, and take care!!!
  7. Aubrey Falls - Black Creek

    Dan, TY for all the updates!!! Hope all is well. Do you, or anyone else happen to know how the lakes are in the Bass, Patten, Carpenter Lk areas? Annual guys trip is just under 3 weeks away. Did read on FB that there is gas in Heyden now, as well as AC's post above. It's a great start, hopefully the next to have fuel is Searchmont. Ride safe!!!
  8. Sault / Searchmont / Halfway Haven

    When we were up on the guys trip at the end of Feb it sure looked like the tanks were pretty new/ reconditioned. Hoping this season they have fuel, as it would be easier to fill up vs the station on the highway. As mentioned, we can only hope of fuel in Searchmont!!! TY to all that make the awesome trails possible!!!!
  9. Sault / Searchmont / Halfway Haven

    Just got back last night from our trip. Had a great time!!! Buddy and I got into the cabin late Thu night. Fri rode up to SSM5 to find the bridge was opened up!!! TY again to all who made that possible!!! Dan, Who was the gentleman placing signs for the Snowarama? Talked to him for a few right at the bridge. Rode just about 600miles total, Fri-Tue. Snow conditions turned out to be pretty decent overall. Lots of loose snow, blowing and drifting last few days. But we were riding!!! Lol TY to all for good trails!!! Safe riding!!!
  10. Sault / Searchmont / Halfway Haven

    TY for the heads up!!! On our way up now. Almost to the Mighty Mac. About 3hrs to go to get to the cabin weather permitting..... Once we cross into Ontario won't have any internet.... TY again!!!
  11. Sault / Searchmont / Halfway Haven

    Any updates on the SSM5 opening? Also, about how many riders usually participate in the Snowarama on Sat? Also, where do the riders have lunch? It seems we usually take the Hayden, G.R., Searchmont loop on our first day riding. May take an alternative route if there is a lot. Usually stop at the ski lodge for a break. TY!!!
  12. Currency exchange

    You can also use an atm to have some Canadian cash on hand. May be what we do if we head all the way up Thu night. Won't be getting into the Soo until probably around 11ish, depending on the weather and road conditions. Otherwise we will use our cc/atm card mostly.
  13. Sault / Searchmont / Halfway Haven

    Well.... If we can't have gas in Searchmont, I hope we at least get SSM5 open! Lol Hoping all goes well and a huge TY to who ever is doing the work!!!
  14. Sault / Searchmont / Halfway Haven

    That sux!!!! TY for the heads up!!!! We usually take a trip over to Hayden, up to G.R., over to Searchmont, and back down 5. That really puts a damper on things!!! Can only go toward Iron Bridge or Black Creek so many times in a long w/e!!! Buddy and Inwere heading up early (Thu evening) and planned a ride up tonSearchmont. Now what to do.... TY again!!!
  15. Sault / Searchmont / Halfway Haven

    TY Dan!!! Sounds like we won't be stopping over on the island this year. Bummer, but at least we do have a trip this year!!! Maybe see you guys on the trail this w/e!!! Safe riding everyone!!!