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  1. GibsonNytro

    Port Sydney conditions

    Looks like it to me.
  2. GibsonNytro

    Muskoka - South West Area (Bala, Mactier, Port Severn)

    Pleasantly shocked on how good the trails were in the Port Severn area on Sunday. Rode from the cottage on Gibson Lake down to Port Severn and C trail was freshly groomed. The last part of the C trail from 11B into Port Severn was a little light on the snow. Trail 19 from Port back to the tunnel under the 400 was great. Just enough lube on the lakes to keep sled cool and the slider from burning up too much. Fingers crossed for may 1 more blast next weekend on the lakes.
  3. GibsonNytro

    Muskoka - South West Area (Bala, Mactier, Port Severn)

    LOL - Not sure why they would post it then... Georgian Bay Snow-riders posted on Tuesday/Wednesday that the ship was expected in at some point this weekend.
  4. GibsonNytro

    Muskoka - South West Area (Bala, Mactier, Port Severn)

    Thanks for the reply Yukon - Hope to make one last blast around. I also saw earlier this week that the ice breaker is planning coming into Midland this weekend. So heads up folks, that wont be safe.
  5. Hey Y'all, wondering how things held up in the area after the rain yesterday? I see the Bala trails are now showing red, is that because they hoped they could keep people off them yesterday & today and there is a chance they open up for tomorrow? I saw a post this morning saying that 6 star (mactier) will still be out grooming this weekend. Would really like to get 1 last blast off from the cottage without hooking up a trailer. Thanks!
  6. GibsonNytro

    First/last trip of the season

    Id say make the drive up to Cochrane and ride there for a few days. The trails are top notch.
  7. GibsonNytro

    Only in sudbury

  8. GibsonNytro

    Giants Tomb - Georgian Bay

    Has anyone been out there yet this year? Wondering what the caves are looking like this time around. I went out a few years ago, very cool to see. I took a group of 32 sleds from our lake that morning to see them.
  9. GibsonNytro

    Canyon and C to Timmins from SRF ...

    IMO - Both options are great rides. We did them last March. Best riding I have ever had was up in that area.
  10. GibsonNytro

    Ice conditions in Southern Georgian Bay

    Thanks Yukon!
  11. GibsonNytro

    Ice conditions in Southern Georgian Bay

    I see Trail 11B on Gloucester Pool is now listed as limited so I assume they have marked the trail out. I was out on 6 mile and the Pool last Saturday and it was not marked yet. Lots of Big Pressure cracks to watch out for. Including one that will be on trail 11A (6 mile lake) just north or the portage north of 6 mile lake marina. Looks like my area is starting to open up. Great work to our volunteers - Thanks!
  12. GibsonNytro

    Ride tomorrow mactier

    Not trying to crush your plans or anything but I just got a text from my neighbor (our cottage is 15 minutes south of Mactier) and he said the 6" of snow we got on Tuesday night is down to about 2" of snow because of the rain yesterday. He hasn't been out in the bush or anything but that's what I've just been told. Weather network does say more snow tomorrow up there.
  13. GibsonNytro

    Ride tomorrow mactier

    There is lots of parking across the street from The Cove. The trail goes right into the parking lot. Please if possible let us know how the trails are in the area. I might go up on Saturday for a quick shake down ride. TIA.
  14. GibsonNytro

    Ice conditions in Southern Georgian Bay

    Thanks for the updates 02.
  15. GibsonNytro

    its a shame :(

    3"-4" in Mississauga/Milton last night but it's been raining since 7AM.