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  1. GibsonNytro

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    I ride a Nytro and when I did this trip a few weeks ago we topped up in SRF before we headed north. Got to basecamp and put in 13L of fuel. Back to Cochrane and put in 22L of fuel. Gas light never came on and we were riding fairly hard. We brought extra fuel because i didnt think i would make it but never used it. the tank on my sled is 27L.
  2. GibsonNytro

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    We rode it for the 1st time on March 4th. IMO its a ride that sledders should try and do at some point. The West side is a long haul at top speeds, the East Side was one of my favorite trails we rode up there. Stop in and see the boy at Basecamp, they are good guys.
  3. GibsonNytro

    Fantastic Cochrane trip March 17 to 22

    That might have been my cousin.. shes got the pink ribbon on the front of her Blizzard and was up. Full Pink jacket and Pants, Riding in a group with 4 I believe?
  4. GibsonNytro

    North Adventure Inn

    Rode past on March 5th - Parking lot was empty. Every other hotel in the area was jammed.
  5. GibsonNytro

    North Bay

    Drove through North Bay yesterday on the way home from Cochrane, no snow there. Gotta head further north.
  6. GibsonNytro

    Cochrane March 1 - 5

    Buddies stayed at the Moose last weekend in SRF - it has heated garage for the sleds at night. They said it was pretty good.
  7. GibsonNytro

    Cochrane March 1 - 5

    We are leaving Friday morning to head up.. Booked our hotels over a month ago. Cant wait to get up for a ride. I would think everything will be mint by the weekend.
  8. GibsonNytro

    Port Severn

    Ahh yes. I remember talking to you. I was wearing the red and black fxr jacket. There was 7 of us that came down on Saturday morning.
  9. GibsonNytro

    Port Severn

    We were the 1st group to arrive on Saturday morning, arrived a little bit before it started. We waiting around, had a hot dog and a few spins on the prize wheel. We also stopped in again on Sunday for more spins and a dog. We hopped lakes and back trails out to Georgian Bay. Ended up having a great ride both Saturday and Sunday out on the bay.
  10. GibsonNytro

    Port Severn

    FYI; Port Severn is done.
  11. GibsonNytro

    Cochrane March 1 - 5

    Interested also, we have never been and will be there March 2nd to 7th. Staying at the Travelodge.
  12. GibsonNytro

    Port Severn

    Looking to see if anyone has any updates about the Port Severn area? I see on the map everything went from Green to Yellow today. Yes, I know its been warm the past 2 days and the snow has been melting up there but I'll be at my cottage (Gibson Lake) this weekend and looking to try and ride to the Baxter Club BBQ tomorrow. Thinking the best way might be to shoot the lakes south and I'm ok with that. Thanks in advance and hope everyone has a good long weekend!
  13. GibsonNytro

    Creemore, Wasaga B, Midland trail conditions?

    I saw that last weekend.. not to sure what it was.
  14. GibsonNytro


    Read on 705 Snowmobiles Facebook Group earlier this week that some guys have been running out to the island. On Saturday I was out at Beausoleil Island and looked that way, Heavy snow and lots of snow on the lake so we couldn't see tracks that way.
  15. I know the way, I just have riders in our group that are a little uneasy on un-staked waterways that they are not familiar with. I want my group to be comfortable when they are riding. Thanks for the heads up Yukon.