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  1. GibsonNytro

    Quick Question

    If the new one is 10'6" i see no issue with fitting in a 10' clam. I have a 10' clam and the overhang at the front has a lot of room to pull the ski's up into. That's how i fit by buddies cat into my trailer. Just watch your windshield when closing.
  2. GibsonNytro

    Quick Question

    Congrats on the new sled - I know this probably wont help you but my friends Arctic Cat XF8000 144" track fits no problem in my 10' enclosed triton trailer. Might get lucky.
  3. GibsonNytro

    Sudbury area

    I've always liked staying at the Sportsman Lodge. George is a great guy. Your stay includes breakfast & dinner. Plenty of trailer parking on site and the trails run right through the parking lot. Wolf Loop & Moose Loop are great rides. http://sportsmanslodge.net/
  4. GibsonNytro

    Baxter Snow Riders Upcoming Events

    The Ice caves are really cool, hope the ice is good this season. Been a few years since I've been out there.
  5. GibsonNytro

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    You can purchase the permit for another family member, I buy mine and my dads.
  6. GibsonNytro

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Agreed - they charge you for each permit to be mailed and then mail them in the same envelope. It would also be nice if they sealed the envelope, the past 2 years I've got my passes in an open/not sealed envelope. Surprised they were still in there when they arrived at the house.
  7. GibsonNytro


    Yep. I only have my 2 sleds (97 v- max & 09 nytro) insured with TD and they both went up. Truck, ATV & Boats all with different companies. Each year I lower the value of the sled and my rates have been pretty fair in my opinion. I guess its time to shop around and see if I can get back to where I was paying. At least have a few months to figure out a new company if that's the way you have to go. Good Luck to everyone else that's with TD.
  8. GibsonNytro


    Got my renewal yesterday from TD, due December 1st - I've been insured with them for 12 years. No claims or anything and it went up $150.00 and I ride a 09 Yamaha Nytro.
  9. GibsonNytro

    Helmet of choice

    I think you have me and someone else mixed up. lol. But I think I know who you are talking about, I ride with him.
  10. GibsonNytro

    Helmet of choice

    So I'm a idiot because I use a 509 helmet? Cool Bud.
  11. GibsonNytro

    Helmet of choice

    509 helmet with 509 goggles & Klim balaclava. Good in -30 for me. Super light helmet. Riding buddy got a Titan last year and loves it. If getting another lid I think I would try the Titan out next. Absolutely nothing wrong with my 509!
  12. GibsonNytro

    Best Cold Weather Suits

    I've had my FXR suit for 12 years and it's been great. Never had any issues with it. I wear a Under Armour long sleeve cold-gear shirt on the cold days and a pair of pj's. Warmer days just a t-shirt/pj's. Thinking of a new one this year and that's only because I need a smaller size. I've had my Klim Gortex Boots for 10 years. Just now starting to show signs of wear and at the end of last season. Under Armour Hunting Gloves. The Royal No Tax/Red Tag sale starts Thursday. Check it out.
  13. GibsonNytro

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    I ride a Nytro and when I did this trip a few weeks ago we topped up in SRF before we headed north. Got to basecamp and put in 13L of fuel. Back to Cochrane and put in 22L of fuel. Gas light never came on and we were riding fairly hard. We brought extra fuel because i didnt think i would make it but never used it. the tank on my sled is 27L.
  14. GibsonNytro

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    We rode it for the 1st time on March 4th. IMO its a ride that sledders should try and do at some point. The West side is a long haul at top speeds, the East Side was one of my favorite trails we rode up there. Stop in and see the boy at Basecamp, they are good guys.
  15. GibsonNytro

    Fantastic Cochrane trip March 17 to 22

    That might have been my cousin.. shes got the pink ribbon on the front of her Blizzard and was up. Full Pink jacket and Pants, Riding in a group with 4 I believe?