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  1. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    It would also be nice to only be charged once for the process/mailing fee since when I buy 2 permits they put them in the same envelope. Either way my 2 permits just arrived in the mail. Ordered October 26th, email from them saying shipped on Monday arrived today.
  2. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    Buddy ordered his at 3am this morning and worked, guess it crashed about a hour or so ago.
  3. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    OFSC Posted on Face book about a hour ago that they are having system problems and their IT department is working on it.
  4. New restaurant/brewery looking to attract sledders

    Not to far from me, Can't wait to try this out. Good Luck!
  5. Henry's - Frying Pan Island

  6. Sudbury Trails

    Trial to Wolf lookout is rock and mud. Logging has started. We rode south on the d trail and 83 and it was great.
  7. Sudbury Trails

  8. Sudbury Trails

    Thanks for all the info - It's been a lot of help in planning this ride. Do you know approx how many KM from Sportsman to Shinning Tree? Just don't want to run out of fuel. Thank you!
  9. Sudbury Trails

    Will do - I'm on a Black Nytro with red/yellow flames and my buddy is on a Red/Black Pro R 800. We will probably do the wolf loop tomorrow when we arrive and Shinning Tree on Friday.
  10. Sudbury Trails

    Staying at the Sportsman starting tomorrow for a few days.. any idea how the trail is up to Shining Tree? I see some of the area has some Yellow on the map. How are the lakes? Glare Ice or some snow on top? Any info would be great. Thanks.
  11. Sudbury Trails

    My buddy & I will be arriving at the Sportsman Thursday morning. We are booked in the Main Lodge Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
  12. Planning a ride March 16th - 20th

    Pretty sure that's the plan.. we did the wolf and moose last year. Great Rides. Thanks!
  13. Planning a ride March 16th - 20th

    We are booked at the Sportsman Lodge on the 16th to 19th - Also looking for ride ideas in the Sudbury area.
  14. Sudbury loop

    Interested also, Booked at the Sportsman March 16th to 19th.
  15. Got a Question - Sudbury/New Liskeard/Temagami

    I Tried going up to Shinning Tree on Tuesday from the Sportsman Lodge.. we turned around as the trail was just whooped to hell. Took C206D from the lodge to the C and then went up the C for about 15km and then turned around. If it was groomed we would have kept going.