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  1. GibsonNytro

    its a shame :(

    3"-4" in Mississauga/Milton last night but it's been raining since 7AM.
  2. GibsonNytro

    Ice conditions in Southern Georgian Bay

    Hey Guys! any updates? I know it was cold as heck on the weekend up in the area. Ice would have been building up for sure. Hopefully today's warmer weather doesn't hurt anything. Any ideas if/when the lakes will be marked out/tree lines put in? Any Baxter Snow Riders guys know if 6 Mile and Gloucester Pool are marked? TIA.
  3. GibsonNytro


    Get Well soon - All the best.
  4. GibsonNytro

    eye in the sky

    A chopper wont make people not die. If anything it will keep their heads looking up for it. Possibly causing more accidents.
  5. GibsonNytro

    eye in the sky

    Maybe they should use the money that they are spending to fly the choppers to fight actual crime, like murders and drugs. I bet the choppers flying low will be a LOT louder the the can's the OPP are complaining and ticketing about. And no, I don't have a can on my sled. This is a friggin joke. OPP need to find something better to do.
  6. GibsonNytro


    I've been pulled over a few times and had my exhaust questioned... I have a 100% stock Yamaha Nytro and the cops think because the pipe comes out he back of my sled (under the seat) then its gotta be a mod. I haven't got a ticket, but had so called warnings. Such a joke. The cops they have out to check on sleds know nothing about sleds.
  7. GibsonNytro

    free trail ride date?

  8. GibsonNytro

    free trail ride date?

    February 2/3 in Ontario.
  9. GibsonNytro

    Huron/Gbay LES Coming?

    Thanks Yukon, that's what I figured. At least we ice and can get out and fish.
  10. GibsonNytro

    Huron/Gbay LES Coming?

    Looks great! Where about's is the above picture? Anyone have an Idea as to what has come down in the Port Severn area this week? TIA
  11. GibsonNytro

    Huron/Gbay LES Coming?

    Fingers crossed for a big storm!
  12. GibsonNytro

    Haliburton Forest

  13. GibsonNytro

    ICE In 2019

    We had 4" of ice as of Saturday morning on Gibson Lake, it rained all day Saturday so I didn't go out again to check. All but 1 swamp was frozen on the B105 heading south from the C Trail Saturday night when we went out on the ATV's for a little ride. I went through on the last one before our turn off to the road.
  14. GibsonNytro

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    I ordered my 2 permits on October 25th and they arrived in the mail on October 30th. I just got the email about a hour ago sending me a temp permit. A little mixed up i'd say.
  15. GibsonNytro

    Quick Question

    If the new one is 10'6" i see no issue with fitting in a 10' clam. I have a 10' clam and the overhang at the front has a lot of room to pull the ski's up into. That's how i fit by buddies cat into my trailer. Just watch your windshield when closing.