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  1. mikern

    Lake Couchiching Warning from OPP!!..

    how is the pressure crack freezing up with this cold weather? mike
  2. mikern

    free suits

    i would like to give these suits to somone who is just getting into the sport and is short on cash they all say skidoo on them,but that is up to u leather suit size large silver and black suit size large white black and red extra large jacket only red suit (worn by female) small mike 905-541-7592 hopefully someone in the orillia club can use them
  3. im not an arctic cat guy but burloak in burlington has a

    2015 ZR 7000 RR 129



    1. Big Pussy

      Big Pussy

      Thanks.  I would like a 137" if possible like the one I have but for my son.  There were two at Aberfoyle when I bought mine but he was not interested at the time.  I think that has changed now that he has rode mine.  It was a missed opportunity.  I will keep my ear to the ground.



  4. mikern

    Lake Couchiching

    soupkids thats awesome but at 59 my test pilot days are over mike
  5. mikern

    Lake Couchiching

    anyone now if couch is staked mike
  6. mikern

    Orillia Parking

    u can park at the curling rink on 12 hopefully couch is frozzen then there is a lot of options mike
  7. mikern

    lake dalrymple

    is the Carden Snow Drifter club still around or have they been taken over by other clubs mike