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  1. coolbane

    Hali Forest

    Rode most areas in there today. North rd and Osprey seeemed to be the barest. Trails further north were better.
  2. coolbane

    Hali Forest

    Did 200 km in there today. Trails mostly good. Some bare spots, some water cuts, some water. Well worth the trip, awesome.
  3. coolbane

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    Ya, I did, Conditions were generally OK, except for a few ploughed fields which were windswept and bare in patches. I'd ride it again, if I wasn't getting on a plane this evening. Most of the trails have an OK base, which is surprising considering that there is not alot of snow in this area. Markdale was better than Durham.
  4. coolbane

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    Has anyone ran Orangeville to Shelburne an Granny trail in past day or two?
  5. coolbane

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    We did Brisbane/Hillsburgh to teviotdale today. Snow got thinner as we went north/west. Still was pretty muck ok, except for a few ploughed fields which were getting exposed
  6. coolbane

    Diesel in gas

    In Ireland a few years ago, I had a small rental car with diesel motor. Not thinking, I put about 40 L of gas into the 55 L tank at a fill. I didn't realize the mistake until a Km later when the car wouldn't restart after grabbing a bite to eat. It did not set a CEL but it did flash 'octane error', or something like that. crap!! I disconnected the battery, reconnected and it fired up. I had to drive to the airport that evening so didn't shut the engine off again until I burned about 3/4 of the tank. Refilled with premium and it ran fine after that. And, it never set a CEL thru the whole trip. However, when doing 120kph on the motorway, the power was surging up and down pretty erratically, like it was momentarily stalling, LOL. Thank God for electronic fuel/ignition control.
  7. coolbane

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    Glad you got out. Yep, a lot of road running for us too today where there once was trails. No point in preaching about cans and off-trail here though; those guys are all over on HCS,
  8. coolbane

    Creemore Singhampton Feversham

    Then over to Markdale and close the loop. Trails are really quite good, 7 out of 10. Even roads were not too bad. Get out here before it’s gone.
  9. coolbane

    Creemore Singhampton Feversham

    Rode Orangeville to Creemore this am. Trails are good
  10. Anyone ridden this area yesterday or today? Any reports appreciated
  11. coolbane

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    Did you get out on Wednesday? What does it look like
  12. coolbane

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    Just for background information on this guy, here is how Motorhead parks his sled.
  13. coolbane

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    Ah, the internet experts. Do you know that particular corner???? Get out there Blackstar. We must get out to ride again soon. I haven't been out with you since your first day on the 7000, when you convinced me to buy a POS 7000!!!
  14. Three of us rode 275 k today on mostly great trails. From Shelburne to Markdale via Granny trail. Up to Holland centre then down around Durham. The only ungroomed section was trail from N of Markdale down to Durham. Base was mostly good except for a few spots on railline and on ploughed fields. It is amazing how good the trails are, considering how little snow is in this area. I’d do the area again this week if I could get out of work. I didn’t take pics of the bare spots
  15. Has Anyone ridden this area today? Appreciate any feedback on conditions/base on railline and side trails.