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  1. I have a 5 by 10 utility trailer from the same company - it is not a dump model though. The trailers are as advertised but for sure not as good quality as a brand name like miska or Weberlane, etc. For example the axel is too far forward thus tongue weight sometimes is too light but as long as you load front heavy it’s fine. The wiring is also mediocre. Like said above the price is not too bad - a good case of you get what you pay for though. If you don’t intend to keep it for 10 years and plan light use, it likely will work for you. A bit off topic of what you asked but hopefully helps in your search.
  2. willb

    A Trail condition

    We just rode it last sat North, then from Cochrane south to Kirkland on Monday. Trail was in good shape. Better on Monday with the new snow. The Val gange section was dirt (you could ride the banks for most of it) on sat but snow covered Monday. Some rough (hard) moguls but no issues on our end. Should be good this weeekend. By by good I mean spring riding conditions. Cant post pictures for whatever reason...
  3. willb

    Cochrane Update..

    Just got back from 1000 kms there. Started in Kirkland and went to Kap and a number of side trails. With the new snow things will be good. Some rough spots but no complaints!
  4. willb

    Cochrane to Hearst Mar 22 2019

    I called them earlier this week and they said they are planning on staying open till the trail is closed. They were thinking until 7APR. But things change this time of year so call ahead of time.
  5. Great reports and good to see your taking advantage of all the snow in northern Ontario.
  6. willb

    Temagami North on A

    Rode temagami to new liskard 18FEB. About 12 kms plowed for powertech/lapraire equipment (hydro guys) which was no good. We had fresh snow a day or so before so was snow packed but with one or two days of sun it would be down to gravel. The rest of the trail was good but bumpy. Likely groomed and smoother now as it was the end of family day weekend when we where there.
  7. I rent my 7by 17 enclosed trailer out. Easily fits two sleds and lots of room for gear etc. PM me for details. I am located near Brantford, ON.
  8. willb

    Coldest Temp 2018/2019 Thread

    Check out the groomer guy on Facebook. Chapleau area has some good accumulation! https://m.facebook.com/thegroomerguy/
  9. willb

    End of season prognosis

    Yeah we will see what shakes out. I agree, it would be nice if there were more options in the crossover track market that were pre-studded. The storm 150 (1.5”) or the backcountry x (1.75”) would be ideal prestudded.
  10. willb

    End of season prognosis

    Yeah doesn’t sound positive. But it’s at the dealer right now getting “inspected”.
  11. willb

    End of season prognosis

    Yes the lugs are ripping off. A number on the outside edge. You have a similar issue?
  12. willb

    End of season prognosis

    Scratchers were down here and there - yes. No wheels. I have shaper bars and they seem to last quite well. Although the 1.6” ice cobra track didn't fair too well but with 5500 kms I guess you can’t really ask of too much more.
  13. willb

    End of season prognosis

    We just rode Kirkland Lake to Hearst and back with some side loops in Timmins area. 1400 kms. Rode April 7-9. Kirkland to cochrane was great on the trail but a number of bare spots and road crossings were dirt. A number of sections were down to dirt - anywhere near roads. Cochrane to kap was hit and miss. The day up trails were quite icy but on the way back they were great. Same story some bare spots too. Less new snow in this area compared to Kirkland. The Kap trail through town is closed and it should be although it is passable. Not much snow and lots of dirt - we took the highway bridge over the river. Kap to Hearst could use more fresh snow as the trails were icy and a fair number of bare spots but still overall good. In the timminis area some trails are bare and there are a number of sections with little snow. Trail to gogama and back was the best although it is closed now. Saw at least 4 groomers: 2 in the cochrane area and 2 near Kirkland lake so they are still grooming. But with little traffic and little new snow not much can be done in some spots. Overall i would say the trails were good and at the very least passable. Clubs are doing great work with the extended season. This is what I remember so if I missed something - sorry. We also ride in all conditions so take what I say for what it’s worth.
  14. willb

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    Do you have the link for the light bar and mounts you used? I hear 18” double row fits best. Sorry to highjack.
  15. willb


    it looks like a new request per the abitibi base camp fb page.