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  1. Some regulators can be blown and sled still runs fine. Had that issue in the past.
  2. Sounds like you have a bunch of different issue's. I would remove the thumb warmer that is shorting by disconnecting it. The battery still isn't charging could be an issue with stator as well or a bad ground. Measure to see if there is an current flowing to the battery, when engine is running. Also check what Denis said above. Helps to start with a good fully charged battery that reads 13.2 volts, to ensure it isn't causing you funny issue's too.
  3. Quebec must have more crown land. Farmers don't like atv's, since they tend to plant lands during atv season. Hard to start and stop a trail to accomdate planting, because people won't respect it, when crops are in the ground.
  4. Toward Eugenia and Markdale has some decent trails. If you get an atv, maybe we can load up and go up there for an afternoon. Can also legally ride back roads in perth and huron counties. Wilmot still has a full atv ban on, even on country roads as well.
  5. Now I know why you got so many miles this winter :-). X2 I use to get 4000kms a winter without using a trailer. Could rack on 300 in an afternoon, sometimes more in farm field country in southern Ontario. Hopefully snow returns to the south next winter and stays :-).
  6. I agree no one is use to high mileage sleds period. Even my dealer said 10,000 km plus four strokes are hard to sell, unless it is something more rare, like a grand-touring (waiting list for those). If it hasn't been beat on too hard, should last for 50,000kms or so maybe more. I would be picky where the sled came from and where it was ridden though. If it looks like it has been beat on and not maintained properly, I would keep looking. Good luck. One thing to watch out for us bad guage clusters on older skidoo's. 2010 and down I believe maybe 11's too. They have a tendency to fail and are fairly big dollars to replace. So I would make sure there is no glitch at all with the cluster before buying. Good luck.
  7. As long as you keep moving bugs won't bother you. Get stuck in a big water hole and need to winch out and sweat abit, you could be eaten alive. I bring off with me, just in case. Spring and fall is best time to ride no too, summer is good too, if you go during the heat of the day.
  8. That is what I thought. May as well ride back roads in perth and huron county's.
  9. Your area defiantly had a huge amount of sleders coming in from area's to the south, that had no snow. On a Friday afternoon, I had to wait 20 Mins or so for sleds to refuel in hailburton before I could even get near a pump. In a normal winter traffic is more spread out no doubt.
  10. Only advantage to selecting a club is to ensure your club of choice hits required 50 permits. Not sure if this is a rule anymore, or if districts are pooling sales on behalf of the clubs now.
  11. Maybe if snowcrest could hire some dancers, this hanging out at the clubhouse could be a success. May need a new sponsor though, maybe stag shop.
  12. x2 on that one. 102" width enclosed pulls like a parchute most days. If you have a wide tow vehicle like a pickup, then it doesn't hurt the full economy as much. My mom has a mazda tribute, for fun I hooked up the trailer and took it for a tow. Used 22 L of fuel per 100km's, that day. Pull it with the pickup v8 305L, I average around 18-20L per 100 most days. I talked the trailer dealer and they told me going narrower plus longer, the trailer is more acceptable to cross winds, so doesn't really tow any better, just easier to see around they claim.
  13. How many km's are available in bright area?
  14. Nice, you ever ride drumbo way. I leave real close to you, but mostly only use atv on my property.
  15. Is there an official closing date as well?