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  1. Larry's in Orangeville could help you and isn't too far away.
  2. Yes I do. Always give the food bank my personal 300 limit ever year. Has a retail value of 2000 bucks, is what they give me for a receipt.
  3. Exactly, but they still charge you like 70 bucks. :-(.
  4. Ebay all the parts you don't need, so you can maybe buy a newer groomer. Good luck, sounds like a fun summer project.
  5. I would highly recommend bill too. I'am sure he has a way to get the code by making a phone call or two I bet. He stands behind his workmanship as well, which is important. Good luck.
  6. I bet you got all that stuff for free too :-). This is going to be some party.
  7. Feel free to show up with your new skidoo apparel on
  8. Spare parts will be sitting for years on the shelf, that is what happens when I do a similar thing.
  9. X2, by then it will be time to start thinking about sledding again.
  10. That is too bad. They have always emailed or faxed application sheets to me. Once I switched sleds in middle of season and they faxed me the coverage and the slips same day. Have no idea why it is an issue.
  11. August sounds awesome. wonder if Nunz is going to let me build eat crap test track in front yard.
  12. I have been doing less business with them too. They won't cover anything that is concerned commercial, such as a farm atv. All I have left are snowmobiles there and most likely will move them this fall, when policy expires.
  13. Apparantly car rates are all based on postal codes. So in theory can have two people with exact same vehicle, same age, same record and pay different rates based on postal code even though they may live only a few km's away.
  14. It is a shame people don't respect private property. Some people think government makes way for the snowmobile trail and they believe they should have access too, because they pay taxes as well. Last year I seen people at township office in baden with metal dectors and shovels. They were walking around Castle Kilbride grounds in baden n and digging up the lawn, when they think they found something worth while to dig up. Apparantly they found a few older coins, when I was talking to them. I asked them if they do this often and they replied it is city owned property and they pay taxes too, so they can do what they want essential. They had fairly high tech equipment.
  15. I don't have an issue with it as long as it is regulated and funds are being used for the intended purpose. A private resort like Mount Tremblat will charge everyone the same and most people won't complain because you it should improve the service level at resort. Us does a similar thing at walt Disney world on the grounds as well.