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  1. Might be time for me to find a new hobby. If I can't get out and ride smooth trails anymore, it won't be much fun anymore. Local trail is already gone, so now I have to road run or trailer to the trail.
  2. Didn't think there would be enough clearance to add studs to larger block track. That would add some weight to sled no doubt about that. No-wonder trails are getting beat up so fast.
  3. The 1.25 with studs up middle for trail riding would be ideal setup. Studs wil quick up ice and snow on hard pack trails for cooling and prevent hyrax wear. The 1.6 lug height will be to high, could never stud it. Imagine it will lead to hyfax wear and possible track clip over heating in marginal snow conditions.
  4. We are seeing typical fall temperatures already. We need some heat though. Have corn 8 feet high (a record as far as I can remember and three cobs on some stalks that are just starting to develop). Some heat would be nice to ensure good quality and make up for slow, cooler spring and lack of sunny days. We seem to be running close to a month behind normal as far as crop development goes. Early frost wil really hurt farm belt this year, if it happens.
  5. This is truly sad. All good things come to an end sometime and I wish them well in their next adventure. By the sounds of it, I missed out big time, as weather never cooperated when I had time off. This industry is getting tougher ever year, with all regulations, min wage going up, cost of heating fuel from carbon taxes. I sure hope we have some places to ride to this coming season.
  6. X2 that is what I do before I ride and if the stakes aren't in, I don't go unless I know it is safe.
  7. Mark bad spots on your GPS in a canoe and then at least you know where not to go. If it is a cold winter narrows may freeze. Some lakes they do and others they don't. No two winters are the same though. Last year was first winter I could remember that head lake wasn't safe to cross early in the season. I even emailed living, cause I thought it was a mistake that other lakes were deemed safe. During a mild winter lakes close to dams or narrows my never freeze, from high volumes of water. Amazing how far out the ice can be bad.
  8. How much for the new one plus one skidoo and dodge truck I like package deals.
  9. That would surely reduce grooming hours per week Not sure if I would want to meet one coming other way though.
  10. Great news. At least they are red, imagine if they came in yellow instead because it was cheaper. Lol
  11. I like tall windshields. Solves most cold related problems and makes you feel warmer all day. Only issue I ever had, is I could barely fit thru the tunnel on the D trail. Had to bend windshield down abit, since it started to catch on the top of the tunnel. Sure glad it was a week day and no one was coming the other way. Snow build up was high that year too.
  12. I'am just referring to local touring loops this area was called north shore loop. Along this route it was extremely well signed and groomed and you always came across a trail marker sign or a north loop sign, letting you know you are on the right trail. Some other side trails you could go for miles and not be sure what trail you were on. I was told people take signs down so tourist's get lost. This winter time for a gps and or ofsc App on my phone :-).
  13. Clean steel up in a hurry though. Painted steel it will take the finish off. Harsh stuff.
  14. Promoting the famous local snow tours no doubt. I bet maps are being printed soon once again. Since the tour takes a left turn at f and d106 intersection, no need for d201F. It isn't part of the prescribed tour. My understanding is these trails receive priority for grooming, repairs, signage, etc. Most of these famous loops they are promoting are one to two day rides. Be nice if the big loop would be part of a priority tour too, but can't see that happening.
  15. Thanks for the Update. Not what us touring sledders want to here. Have to see what happens when the season starts to open, but I won't count on this trail especially if it is a mild winter again.