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  1. Replacement of Damaged Permit

    Just ride and keep original paper work. You paid all good.
  2. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Wow going green next I assume? Same quality lower price compared to Yamaha.
  3. Quebec Weekend January 20th

    This is a good thing. Too many people not buying permits and just riding free weekends in Quebec or Ontario. Use to be people starting as early as friday too, so getting in four days without buying a permit. A regular weekend is fine with me and they can still ride a few days on family day weekend by buying a 2 day pass for 70 bucks.
  4. E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    How do you run a high tech sled out of oil?
  5. Snowmobiles to the Rescue

    So what would it take to get fire department one that would float? I would be terrified to be strapped down to that thing knowing this.
  6. Abitibi Canyon

    Glad you found some new trails. We would make a good directional pair. Enjoy your ride and I will keep my eyes posted for L103 next time in area.
  7. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    true, crappy weather no doubt. I have one tank of fuel ran there each sled so far this season.
  8. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    That is great value no doubt. Suee 02 would snap it up, if he could get a third sled in that trailer. Lol
  9. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    That is true lots of lower miles sleds available if you look around enough. Also new left over sleds are appealing too.
  10. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Just the past is casting a shadow on this season too. As long as march is good, I will be happy. Already got 30 percent of my yearly miles in. For January it is decent. February and march I can get some serious miles if weather co-operates.
  11. Parry Sound ride

    I agree with you and try hard to do the same thing. I even had one business clean my truck off for me when it snowed, nice people.
  12. Parry Sound ride

    Nice to have options though and it does cost money to keep parking lot clean. If I was going to park overnight I would gladly pay 15 bucks, for day.
  13. Abitibi Canyon

    Oops yes I meant west side; good catch.
  14. Abitibi Canyon

    Go up east side first fill up with fuel at smooth rock, that way when you get to Canyon you will need a lot less fuel.
  15. Dubreuilville to Halfway Haven to Timmins

    Going to be a long day no doubt. I have never done it either. I heard trail is very rugged terrain and not a fast trail by any means from chapeau to Timmins. Wawa dub side is faster no doubt.