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  1. Winterforcast

    I hope not. We need some frost first and cooler nights to dry out the corn. Most of our's and neighbours corns fields are still 25% green. Normally corn harvest would start early October and finish by early nov. We expect to start 2 to 3 weeks from now and run into end of November for sure. I still see soybeans out in the fields for guys that have more acres.
  2. Trail Closures

    Good to here, since going cross country isn't as much fun, when you aren't real familiar with an area.
  3. Trail Closures

    Will it be signed marked and groomed or a goat path back to the C trail for us tourist's? I always liked the sudbury area.
  4. Online trail permits now available

    Years ago it was Dec 31 the following year.
  5. Trail Patrol 2018

    If you can't beat them join them for free ride .
  6. Windshields.... High or low?

    Thanks Blake I will keep that in Mind.
  7. BRP Warranty

    There is still a link south of Pettawa, forget the name of the crossing. There is a brand new bridge across Ottawa river. Would be nice to cross there and enter back in around northbay (if that section is open again). Wait and see. Would be a good two day loop no doubt. Hoping to make it to quebec this winter.
  8. Windshields.... High or low?

    Tall windshields are nice, just might not fit thru the Tunnel on the D trail if snow levels are high.
  9. BRP Warranty

    Hard to stop no doubt. The younger generation wants to stand up and go fast and go wherever there sled can take them. Mind you not every younger rider is like this. Quebec must be doing something different. I heard they don't seem to have an off trail riding problem. Can anyone who has been there confirm this? I have never rode in quebec yet.
  10. Trail Closures

    Hopefully people respect the land owners and wildlife. I always like taking my time when I see deer near on the trail. Same thing with people walking on the trail, always nice to slow down and give them space. Cross our fingers for a trouble free land owner relations winter for a change. Bring on the snow.
  11. BRP Warranty

    Just purchase the new doo flap. It is critical for proper engine cooling and it is normal wear and tear. Dealer would never warranty a snow flap on a sled with 20,000 plus km's.
  12. Trail Closures

    Yeah but someone will screw up the new route couple weeks into season.
  13. Selling a sled, Custom numbers stay with machine?

    Custom numbers stay with the machine and or same with Ontario plate. You will get new numbers for your new machine or a new plate. Whatever you choose. Congratulations see you on the trails.
  14. Hey Trail Map

    They want everyone to buy early permits before they realize there local trail could be gone, is my guess.
  15. Online trail permits now available

    Should be that way on regular permits too. When you charge to a credit card and don't receive your merchandise, the credit card-company will do a quick investigation and credit you back without any hassle. If you order two permits can you just pay one tracking fee and two processing fee's or do order's need to be tracked individually if shipped to the same address?