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  1. April 23, 2018 - And 2 sections are still green

    It will be back this year yet.
  2. all in...all done

    Rebuilding the drive train this summer or going to try to sneak another season out of it?
  3. Mustang or Challenger

    Nice! I like the colour cops will know him well soon too. Lol i have the 6.2 litre engine and vette is crazy light.
  4. Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    Fastenal sucks. Never have anything in stock always order and pick up later. Spaenaur in Kitchener is awesome and always has everything in stock and can package it up quickly for you. It is my Go to place.
  5. Yamaha may be done-not good for industry

    Now you tell me.
  6. Yamaha may be done-not good for industry

    I don't expect them to cover it, but lots of people do. When you buy an extended warranty that is usually first thing they will tell you, is ac can break and costs thousand to fix, but no worries if you buy this warranty it is all covered.
  7. Yamaha may be done-not good for industry

    Only get manufacturer warranty no aftermarket and no deductible. Still they don't cover regular wear items or environmental damage, such as a stone putting a hole in ac condenser.
  8. Mustang or Challenger

    Find anything yet?
  9. Via - Toronto - ptbo - Ottawa

    We had trains 40 years ago they took out all tracks in 70's or 80's because of automobile. Now they want to put them back in. Almost 2 billion has been spent on 19 km's or so of track for Ion in kw. Just goes from one mall in Kitchener to other in Waterloo, with a bunch of stops along the way. Great for students and retired people. The tracks have eliminated vehicle lanes now 2 lane streets are one lane and ones that were only one lane are on way streets now. It is total chaos to drive near streets that run along the tracks, in a city that was easy to navigate before. Suppose to go into service last december, now they are saying this December, but bombardier is having difficulties building train and more delays means more money goes into this cash cow line. Makes me wonder how this spending can continue and they still haven't build new highway 7 yet from Kitchener to Guelph (was suppose to be done 10 years ago). Now they want to build more high speed lines and put old lines back into service. Get your wallets ready.
  10. High speed train tracks.

    So Ontario government is starting its assement where the new raised fenced in line will run from London to Kitchener. Going to be a huge headache for snowmobilers and clubs here in south. Won't be any easy area's to cross the tracks if it does get built. Only be a highway crossing every 50 km's with an overpass going over the tracks, all existing roads that intersect with tracks will be dead ends. Going to be a nightmare to get children to school. Imagine having to drive 50 km's to nearest crossing to get over tracks and then another 50 km's to school, when whole trip should have been 10 km's If line wasn't in way. Same thing for police and fire service. We had tracks and they took them out, now they want to build this. Will make working farmland north and south of tracks very difficult too. Hoping someone cans this idea, before billions are wasted and we can't get around efficiently anymore.
  11. Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    No rain checks allowed? Usually they will on oil.
  12. OK, I'm done. Last ride for the season at Missing Link.

    I would stop paying and let repo guy come and collect that one.
  13. Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    What is little use, like 500 km's each?
  14. Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    How many miles was the event on average? I seen some rally's go on for days on tv. Looks like a very interesting sport.
  15. ATV’s on OFSC Trails on Crown Land

    Never happen. I know clubs put extra sweeping corners in trail system in south to slow riders down. To go above 50 it would have to be separate one way type trails for safety reasons I would think. You see clubs doing this on some big hills for safety sake and still some riders get confused and still go left, because you aren't sure if trail actually splits or just some riders are making there own goat path, when it isn't clearly signed.