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  1. Faceman

    On line trail map?

    Sorry for the confusion Denis. Landowners were complaining that ATV drivers could access the online mapping , see where the sno-mo trails were and trespass to use them. It's more a out of sight out of mind thing. Was happening quite frequently and of course the standard answer was " we didn't know!".
  2. Faceman

    On line trail map?

    The fallout from good ole Bill 100 was that the ATV crew had access to OFSC trail maps all year so the OFSC in its wisdom removed on line mapping from sometime in April until Sept I believe. It was a landowner issue in southern Ontario and a good move IMHO
  3. Faceman

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    ????? If only the OFSC was run as smooth as the H.A. And, groomers were always property of OFSC.
  4. Faceman

    Good morning

    That is the way to travel the 400/69 LOL
  5. Faceman

    Recommendations for wife and I.

    Do they still have the cottages Bill? Great place to stay. It was a once a year trip for many years.
  6. Faceman

    Today's sat images.

    Ice conditions
  7. Faceman

    Today's sat images.

    https://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/ Click on modis and then the lake area you wish. You can change dates also
  8. Faceman

    hitting the trails hard

    Good show. Been around the back yard 3 or 4 times and to end of driveway twice.
  9. Faceman

    The Perils of Boondocking

    I am referring to working a trap line in a swamp, sometimes those tags and other underbrush hold you up, other times they "let you down" sometimes not very gracefully and normally without warning.
  10. Faceman

    The Perils of Boondocking

    Or had it sink under you, god bless 250 Bravo's
  11. Faceman

    owen sound area - jan 6 - 2018

    All good, sometimes kneejerk post looking for reaction is a bad thing.
  12. Faceman

    Owen Sound..

    The B 107 going towards Wiarton is groomed,signed and staked. Not sure why it's not open. I have passed that on. Up the Pennisula, I know the west side is landowner/bridge issue but cannot comment otherwise. Wiarton has groomer issues again???
  13. Faceman

    Owen Sound..

    Should be a sweet ride, might be busy thought LOL (doyahthink??)
  14. Faceman

    Looking for a 1 day loop in SW ont.

    Track down Threadman from Durham, he drives one of those greenie things also, great guy and loves to ride. Total trail knowledge
  15. Faceman

    Merry Christmas

    First order of seeds from Rainbow seeds, next one coming from Stokes probably, this will be my winter, growing shit LOL