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Shining Tree – 3 Bears Camp

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Yes Brandon has moved and now lives in Southern Ontario and has since May of 2015.  His health has not been good but he is improving very slowly.  He does not own Three Bears anymore, the mortgage holder does.  Right now it is closed for good until it is sold.  Myself and most people that knew Brandon, wish him the very best.

If you hear from him please let him know that we thank him for his many years of service to all of that might have traveled north for the first time.  It seems that the trail always ended at 3 Bears. It was a right of passage to the north.  I will miss 3 Bears;  Brandon, Cindy and Kelly have all been instrumental in my appreciation for northern Ontario.

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We only stopped there once & appreciated them being there. 


I know how you feel about the north. I worked the summer of '79 between Matach' & KL. I had never been north of Huntsville before that. A friend has lived in Elliot Lake, Timmins & back down to North Bay. Travelled a lot up there over the years since by sled, rail & truck



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My family and I have stayed at Three Bears Camp in Shining Tree back in early 1980's. It was owned by the family (last name Gunter) we know who was related to my mom's stepfather. We had a great time - swimming, fishing, boating, etc. I hated the mosquitoes and the bloodsuckers from the water.


We stayed at one of the cabins. We had friends (who was related to the owner 1st or 2nd cousin) with us from Hamilton and they stayed in another cabin too.


The owners sold it many years later.



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