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  1. That does suck! We were hoping to ride the SSM5 on Sunday. Does anyone know if it might open by then?
  2. Call Carl at Driftwood he may be able to arrange for gas in Searchmont. The revival of the north is imminent; there will be gas in Searchmont in the future...
  3. If you hear from him please let him know that we thank him for his many years of service to all of that might have traveled north for the first time. It seems that the trail always ended at 3 Bears. It was a right of passage to the north. I will miss 3 Bears; Brandon, Cindy and Kelly have all been instrumental in my appreciation for northern Ontario.
  4. We started that trip in Massey and headed West then north. It was a good trip. We started a trip in 06 on Drummond Island and a loop from there. Both were good starting points.
  5. We rode the "D" 6 or 7 years ago. It was a slow technical ride as I recall, twisty and many hills on the Hydro line. Bach then I think we rode from Marathon to Manitouwadge, there was a really narrow trail leaving Marathon that linked up with one of the main trails (A106D?). Back then we then rode from Manitouwadge to Hillsport then to Longlac and Hearst. The good old days!
  6. Count me in. You can have him contact me anytime. I will send you a PM with direct contact information.
  7. Who remembers Thor Lake where you needed their gas from Jerry cans to make it to more gas. I forget exactly where they were, somewhere along "C" I think..
  8. We stayed last year. I think the nearest gas is Timmins.
  9. LC, Thanks. I will call and check. How all is okay with Ross the (former?) owner. IMO - No reason to stop in Chapleau if Valentine Farms is no longer available.
  10. If it's open we'll be riding it. Join us if you like. We'll be staying at Valentine Farms in Chapleau then on to Post 392 near Timmins. I will post the exact trip itinerary here soon.
  11. Welcome to the forum Chad! There's a lot of great info here. Hope to get out your way this season!
  12. More good news! Longlac and Marathon again; that's awesome. Hope Manitouwadge can be next!
  13. I received a reply to an email I sent to D15 about a trail to Longlac. The news is good in that it appears D15 would like to expand back into Longlac. I think they're referring to the old A107A and not the "A" trail through Hillsport. Either way it doesn't matter; even if they're only thinking about it, bringing back some of those closed trails is good news! I've removed the names but the message is below. If you would like to ride some of these trails I encourage you to send a message to D15 and let them know. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I am brand new t
  14. Awesome! Thank to everyone who helped make this possible! We'll be cruisin' through end of February!
  15. I appreciate the updates about D16/D15. I really loved the ride on the A107A, hope it opens once again.
  16. Airplane rides? I had one of those from Hornepayne to the Soo. That's not how you want to end a trip! I'm not sure how it works but I hears from a reliable source in D16 that they are now a part of D15. I was able to choose Longlac as my club of choice for my permit purchase, I suppose they're just an extension of D15 now. I sent a message to a few folks to find out if there would be any trails to Longlac this year; I have not heard back, I'll let you know if I hear anything. I love this time of year!
  17. I am able to go onto the OFSC web site and choose Longlac or Geralton as my choice of clubs to support.
  18. Last year I bought my permits from D16. The President at the time helped me with the order. They still have a link on the Longlac site to order permits. http://www.snowclub.ca/longlac-sno-club/ I will be ordering mine from them.
  19. I have ridden the old A107A many times it's a great trail but there are absolutely no services along the way. It's about 100 miles between Calstock and Klotz lake then another 30 to Longlac. I'm not sure of the status of gas at Klotz Lake any more, I can call Mike and find out if the trail will be open and if there is any true interest. If that trail and the old "A" through Hillsport were to open, it would make for one of the best 3 day loops in northern Ontario. Keep your fingers crossed!
  20. So what's the process for getting any "new " trails approved and then listed as trails on the OFSC system?
  21. In previous years I have ridden all of these trails numerous times. Current sleds can make the trek from Hearst to Klotz Lake, you can stop in Calstock along the way, really if you're not on something newer you shouldn't be riding northern Ontario. I rode from Gowganda to Rockies last season, 112 miles, it was -20C and we saw maybe 2 sleds along the way a breakdown would have been very bad. People need to use a small amount of common sense before they head out into the wilderness. If Hillsport has fuel, it would make for a very nice loop. The Hilton and the Wilderness Lodge both have had
  22. That would be awesome! Fueling at the Hornepayne or Longlac junction would certainly open access to D16 again. Thanks
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