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    Anyone know if b103 to B 112 to minden will open between now and tomorrow around noon ( heading out from lindsay tomorrow for a trek possibly to halibuton and back. on B103 - would like to pass in to minden and vist old town charm. I was told by a buddy they should have it open because it looks pretty good. Thanks 11.tiff
  2. Hey everyone Name is Paul I am 32 live in milton - but use to have a cottage ( dads actually ) on gull lake just north of Kilcoo Camp by a 1/2km big cottage with red roof maybe its still there. Anyway My dad 75 now grew up there on the weekends his whole live and i was lucky enough to be there until i was 8 or so. At one point he had the fasted boat on the lake he said. It was a 1986 viper hydrostream. then he sold the boat and the cottage it and moved to a house in mississauga. He had 2 1980 Blizzards ( 1 red i think that was the fast one and 1 yellow. ) Anyway I we
  3. hey


    Maybe you could help me out. My dad owned a cottage on Gull lake since his dad built it probably 70 years ago. Since then about 17 years ago my dad sold the cottage and bought a house in Mississauga .


    Long story short - He use to own 2 skidoo's a red and yellow blizzard 1980 - he loved it


    He is 75 now but I just bought my first snowmobile and want to rent one for him for christmas to travel around gull lake or near by where he would remember taking me when i was 7 . Does gull still have a trail going around it ?


    any help would be great .

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