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  1. Likewise-Muskoka Sno-Bombers-District 7-much better since arms went retractable!
  2. A local fished mine out & saved the insurance company the problem-it was in 75' of H2O & they just seized it from him!
  3. I assume there is no one in the OFSC office in Barrie to update between Fri. aft. & Mon. morn.!
  4. Fuel pump went on my '05 Mach Z 1000 in '08 right @ res @ Winneway-had a great 2 hour wait @ depanneur run by chief-great education/talk till CAA came & took me down to truck @ Temisk.!
  5. 4-6" fresh coming your way tomor.!
  6. There is a new relay avail. @ Yamaha dealers!
  7. U go into Macassa Pt. just S. of mouth of Joe River onto Halls Rd. across Peninsula Rd. onto Cumberland Bay on Joe head N.W. towards Foots Bay-Bass Lake on left!
  8. Did Muskoka/Brandy/Rosseau to Joe to Bass Lake for lunch then back down Joe across Rosseau to ice caves where 150 people were partying back down Rosseau/Brandy & Muskoka home-I stay off Muskoka trails on weekends!
  9. Down Lake Muskoka to Boston Pizza for lunch in G'hurst-up Muskoka/Brandy/Rosseau/Joe 2mor. to Bass Lake!
  10. Lake is all good-just watch for bubblers not under control + usual spots to avoid!
  11. -28 on Lake Muskoka 5 mi. W. of Bracebridge-making good ice!
  12. Still no LED headlight standard?
  13. I just go with Henry Ford's colour [black] and if I sell it to a younger guy he can wrap it anyway he wants!
  14. I would but taking the bride to Forestel Thur. for Valentine's/Family Day!
  15. Have been down to Boston Pizza but we left from near Pride's S. of mouth of Muskoka River
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