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    2018 Ski-Doo 850 XRS
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  1. It wasn't this year-he was far from timid!
  2. 5 feet-most I've seen in over 25 yrs. up there!
  3. Had a wolf just N. of Temiscamingue Que. jump off trail/bare it's fangs @ us as we passed then jump back on trail after last rider past. We all wondered what would happen if you broke down/ran out of gas & he came along!
  4. No volunteers get paid here! Groomer operators who are heavy machine operators in Summer do!
  5. All true-been going for over 25 yrs.-last week with wife/next week with the guys. Went 5x one year-NEVER disappointed!
  6. Just go park in Nunz's driveway-he won't mind! You coming up Jeff? Frank? Given Que. anymore thought?
  7. That's why you need a pull start on 2-strokes!
  8. Keep the Mach-give wife your's-problem solved Jeff!
  9. Yeah-Bill Cudney a great guy!
  10. I had a friend who spring ordered 2 900 Turbo XRS-he died/wife kept one-local dealer tried to take back other one but she sold it to a friend @ her cost!
  11. Trudope's fault Jeff! Told Frank last week doing Temisk./V.-D./R.-N. Mar.1-3! U guys in?
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