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  1. Forced retirement is possible, I am volunteer fire fighter, all full time fire fighters need to retire at 60 years, volunteer at 65 years. There are volunteer fire fighters at 64 years old and in better shape then full timers at 50 years. In my opinion, it’s not about age, I would suggest that as long you have your driver license, you can drive a groomer.
  2. Where is written that it’s trespassing when the trails are “closed”? If there are no “Trail Closed” signs at every road crossing? i am a snowmobiler and the trail is groomed, so good for me to go..
  3. So if 60% of the clubs vote for a change and 40% doesn’t want the change and they do nothing for the deadline, the BOG need to review the change and take the change away??? i think the BOG goes on a very slippery path to do this. Look at the September 6/7 deadline, there are lots of clubs who don’t want to give their assets to the District. So now need the BOG take it back so that the clubs can hold on the assets... You call that listen to the membership??
  4. Well, if you look at the first week of September deadline, it looks that they move in in full speed. The first week of September, all assets of the club paid by permit money need to get transferred to the District. Also all permit bank accounts, investments, shops and club houses. All registrations of snowmobiles, atv’s, side by side and so on need to shipped to the District. Yes the Ofsc is saying lately that all assets belong to the Ofsc but if you look at the assets of the Ofsc, they have no groomers and other assets in their book keeping. If there is a club at a District who don’t does this, the District will be not in good standing, no permit sales, grants and no groomer(s)....
  5. Yes leadership is looking what need to get done to do the best for snowmobiling. If that is the case, it would be better that they reviewed the whole MOTS and look what makes sense and what not.
  6. Why can District 2 and 3 not go together? Too big area? Look at the area of District 1 or the northern Districts... Its more that the Districts don’t want to merge together...
  7. What I don’t like from this that some districts did “loose” some clubs to another District as example District 1 lost 2 clubs to District 6. Other Districts were rebellious and did nothing. Now the BOG let the Districts get away with doing nothing. Is that leadership?
  8. The background to go back to 12 Districts is that there are big districts with about 5000 kms of trails and small ones with less then 900 kms. It was to make all the Districts about the same amount kms of trails. As example it happened in the past that every District received a new groomer so a if you compare a 900 kms District with a 5000 kms Districts it’s not fair. Same with applications for trail work subsidies , it happened that every District was allowed for only one application. Fair, I don’t think so. Also with going back to 12 Districts could save money. Now there are Districts who have spend already money for promoting the new District name what’s now maybe a waste of money....
  9. Is this the solution to avail the yellow safety stickers?
  10. There are lots of groomers bought with fundraising money or part fundraising and part permit money. The clubs are incoperated and they are assets in the books. Groomers are used as lateral against bank liens. Not every clubs has the opinion that their assets belong to the Ofsc. Don’t think that all assets will be moved to the Districts by September 6...
  11. Brian, under MOTS every groomer operator get paid...
  12. Pete, So the District has to have a fat Bank account and write a cheque for every breakdown of a groomer? Also if the driver is responsible for the break down or will the District fire that groomer operator? How I read this: if you break something, call the District and it will be repaired in a timely matter? Why will a club do the repairs by themselves....
  13. I can’t see it happen that the District will always repair the groomer in an acceptable time and what if the District is broke? If the District get again $58 for a grooming hour but has to pay wages for every groomer operator, the total cost will be more then $58... Does that mean that every club get a target grooming hours and they can’t groom anymore when they want?
  14. MOTS has a deadline to move all assets from the clubs to the District what is paid by permit money. Also the permit bank account need to move to the District. If I am right, this need to be done September 6/2018. If not all clubs of the District have done this, the District will not be in good standing. That means no permit sales for the District, also not receiving any funding from the OFSC. You guys think that this is an easy move??
  15. Seems that all you guys are agreeing with moving on with MOTS in F1 speed.
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