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  1. Sledguy74


    Well It would be nice to see Ontario return to cold and hopefully some snow
  2. Yes I think so too wish I was one of them lol
  3. A new 4-stroke turbo storm would be great the last year SRX will be a cool machine to have too for collectors
  4. I’m quite sure pricing are falling but there are not many places to ride it
  5. Wiarton Willy can predict whatever he wants Friday but this winter just sucks lol
  6. +3 today and tomorrow sunny ☀️ weekend ahead hopefully
  7. Sledguy74


    New Atv will by my next upgrade, no need for another new sled this one will last with these winters
  8. Likely going to the listowel event with this weather
  9. There's multiple vintage snowmobile shows in the Sudbury area. We are looking for 2004 and older snowmobiles for vintage snowmobiles displays in carnivals . DOWLING WINTER CARNIVAL FEB 3 Community centre ,WALDEN WINTER CARNIVAL FEB 10 Anderson farm AND BEAVER LAKE CARNIVAL FEB 17 Worthington rd. ad from Kijiji
  10. At least there is football 🏈 to watch in the fog I was wondering how long it was going to be before we all saw Taylor Swift….. that didn’t take long lol
  11. Bits of grass at 11:44 here in Kitchener regardless of the snow conditions is it ever nice to see the sun and blue sky for a change all this fog and rain had me thinking I lived in Saint John New Brunswick lol
  12. With all the rain forecast tonight I’m expecting grass in the morning
  13. I’m patient lots of winter left ….. hoping lol
  14. Snow stopped here and turned to rain ugh
  15. It’s a bit further but many are dropping at the lions park in Elmira
  16. Won’t be back out till thaw ends
  17. Geez that was close, gotta pay attention for traffic
  18. Lots out and trails holding us good with this cold
  19. 63 miles this morning Clubs did a great job with what they have to work with
  20. It’s not too bad out here
  21. Trails are open gotta give it a try this weekend
  22. Fergus, Arthur and Conestoga lake showing yellow today !
  23. Great news to see rail line open from shelburne to Owen sound
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