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  1. Just tried the app and the trail map is up and running. Just had to download a package and watch a video to continue.
  2. Just an fyi...I ended up parking at the Heritage Park, which was perfect! The trail runs right through the park too. All in all, a great day for sledding. Conditions were great, but I fear the next couple of days will decimate conditions and they'll shut down. 😟. It could be the end for the southern district sledding.
  3. I took that trail from Griffith to Denbigh years ago...long, twisty and at the time wasn't groomed, so not a good memory. Plus, I like making loops without doubling back on the same trail if possible, especially over a long distance, or worse if the trail is rough. Thanks for the gas station idea, I'll check with them if I can put not.
  4. Coming in from Ottawa. Coming in from Ottawa. The map shows me that parking at the Heritage park or the end of that road looks pretty good.
  5. I'm thinking of unloading my sled in Denbigh for what may be my final run of the year. I don't see an official park n ride designated on the OFSC trail app, but there must be a sled friendly spot to unload no?
  6. Guess you could also look on Kijiji for used parts. If you take it to the Dealer, it could be there for weeks awaiting AC parts, which is valuable riding time.
  7. Since the bag is on trial...what's the charge?
  8. According to the CAA website, snowmobiles don't qualify for membership. https://www.caasco.com/membership/vehicle-eligibility-other
  9. The bridge has been refreshed since your last pic...a wee bit safer.
  10. You'd be best to ask PJ's if it's okay with them to park there. Regarding the parking spot on the map in Arnprior, I rode that trail last week and I specifically was looking for that particular parking spot and couldn't find it.
  11. You can bet Yamaha will release an identical sled and call it the SnoSport... probably at a higher price too.
  12. With several questions near the end, does anyone get the feeling that the OFSC may be considering a District permit system? ie. a permit for each district? I remember ATVs had different zones/clubs in which you had to purchase separate permits to join and ride in different areas. I sure hope the OFSC isn't headed in that direction.
  13. Branches, branches and more branches!
  14. Well, no rain this weekend...all snow! Hanging/broken branches abound and some downed trees. I had to back track due to a tree fallen across the 137.
  15. Last weekend, the trails were just awesome. Looking forward to another.
  16. How did the trails survive the rain and warm weather yesterday? I'm wondering if the trails will be too frozen to ride tomorrow.
  17. Grimm

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    Holy cow! That's cheap! I work for a School Board and one of the grounds guys told me the Board pays about $75 for an 8 foot length.
  18. How much is reimbursed if you purchase a full year?
  19. This trail doesn't seem to get the grooming attention that it needs. A couple of weeks ago, I took the E102 and it was rutted out and the southern end was plowed down to the ground, so it was pretty icy. I didn't have studs, so I had to take it easy, but didn't overheat. Needless to say, I will be installing a new Camso Ice Storm track this week.
  20. Agreed, I think I would have lost my cool had I gotten a ticket for that oversight.
  21. I got stopped on Family Day too. My paperwork was almost all in order, except for the little licence sticker wasn't affixed to the ownership. They let me off with a warning. I found the sticker putting on the floor of my truck today...phew.
  22. 2016 MXZX1200, loved the sled. I survived the accident by lunging to the left just as the sled collided with the trees. The impact flipped me head over heels and I landed on my back on the trail. My shins are still sore today...been a month. Unfortunately, cheap me didn't put collision on my sled, so no insurance claim. Needless to say, a new sled was in order pronto and after over a dozen years on a 4 stroke, I went with an 850 MXZ. Oh yeah, collision is on this one.
  23. Sometimes, sticking to the right side of a trail isn't the best idea either, as I found out the hard way. A little bobble/dip/chunk on the trail and I got sucked into the deep snow...and a few trees got in my way.
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