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  1. I’m sure it probably was a Lynx I’ve seen around 15 over the years pretty cool animal
  2. I don’t know how much snow they got last night there but I talked to Patrick from Dubreuilville at 8 last night and it was snowing like crazy there
  3. It was a tough go though there yesterday lots of drifting snow
  4. I dropped my deposit off at my dealer Tuesday for next years sleds he just got back to me with the details he has mine booked but he said he is sold out for next year already . He talked to three dealers this morning all said the same thing crazy times !
  5. I totally agree ! We are going to black creek after Dubreuilville taking the long way back to New Liskard
  6. Cochrane westway Hearst Companion Dubreuilville magpie but if you haven’t already booked there you probably can’t get a room . Also try the Big bear in hawk junction they have rooms above the restaurant . Chapleau Valentines b&b and Timmins Cedar Meadows
  7. Always fill up with gas at night
  8. Finally a club house open on our final day of riding. It was + 4 in RDL when we got back to the truck then rain just before Montreal and back to snowing close to the Ontario border roads got slippery stoped for night in hawksbury .
  9. Not many pictures today just a couple inches of new snow in Chandler but a foot in murdockville and probably 20 inches on the way to Mount St Pierre
  10. Yes I have the same bag the 4 litre will fit just put a rag over the latch so it doesn’t rub a hole in it
  11. We started in RDL but I think starting in Matane is a better idea if you’re riding for 7 days . We are riding for 11 days so we were looking for more turf to cover . Fuel has been no problem . Yes we are on two strokes I packed enough oil I think but there has been oil some places but I would bring some with you . I fill my gas can with oil and also put a 4 litre jug in the bag behind the seat If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask. Mark
  12. For sure we will be up there next month
  13. Not many pictures today cloudy windy glad we got to our room early the storm started about a hour ago
  14. The rooms are small but clean it’s not the Hilton so don’t expect it to be but the staff will bend over backwards to help you super nice people we are going to stay there again Monday night
  15. It wouldn’t be Quebec if there wasn’t a snow storm coming lol
  16. Beautiful day left La Cache this morning sunny sky’s all day
  17. Cold and sunny day but lots more beautiful views in Carlton tonight.our 5 tour guides for the first half of the day
  18. Sledding .our friend from Amqui took us there on the sleds it was pretty cool
  19. From what I here restaurants will be opening up next Monday so you should be good
  20. Had a awesome day checking out all the sites around Amqui
  21. Had a awesome day riding around RDL
  22. I’m not planning any rides till our Quebec trip the 21 . Hopefully by the time I get back Northern Ontario will be opened up more so I can make it to Dubreuilville ether from the north or south . It’s been almost two years since I’ve seen most of my friends there .
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