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  1. You need to plan a stop at spectacle lake resort lodge and spend the night there as part of your tour this is where you pickup your official Rap tour Sticker.   awesome place and awesome food..

  2. Thanks... I hope it’s less of a maze when we get there. I have yet to find 11 on the ITG app. Leaving tomorrow night so we can ride locally on Monday some. The ofsc really needs to do something about the day passes. I’ve never dealt with such a mess (and I write software for a living). Then to expect us to attach it to a sled? Need to go back to the 7-day passes bought at the hotels and be done with it. I’ve ridden a lot of places, and I’ve never seen something so difficult and convoluted. Quebec, Michigan, even New York is so much easier
  3. I can’t see that trail on the app I bought... is there plenty of gas across there? Between Deerhurst and Pembroke I mean... we can go 100 miles roughly. Also looks like forecast has some snow later in week. That should make the ride back down from North Bay a bit better.
  4. Really? Avoid the WHOLE thing? Or just the section on Astorville Road section that's yellow on the interactive map? I see the route that PLC indicated. Look fun too. Thanks ALL!
  5. Thanks! We're gonna do it. Been riding Northern ON since 2001 and have never done the RAP. Not sure what to expect. But doing this loop will save us about 100 miles each way of trailering, and we will ride some new trails. Thanks for the advice on avoiding the road running (with my 1.75" track).
  6. Planning to do the RAP next week. Planning on starting in Huntsville area, day 1 to Pembroke, day 2 to Mattawa, day 3 to North Bay, day 4 back to Huntsville. We've never ridden this far south. I'm a bit concerned about the weather forecast for this weekend... specifically if the trails will hold up on the west side of the loop. thanks, Greg
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