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  1. Muskoka1

    District 7 trail conditions update

    Likewise-rode 37 & D to Sprucedale-excellent and lots of snow!
  2. Muskoka1

    Today's Surprise - NCDN

    Lots in Que.-have seen them N. of Temiskaming on the railbed-they jump off/let you go by and then get right back on-it's their trail-not ours!
  3. Muskoka1


    In Abitibi 2 weeks ago 6 of us stopped to help a guy who blew a corner-snow was chest deep. Owner was standing on trail watching us work-I said to him get in there and help-are you paralyzed-cudn't believe it! One of our guys is 69 with a heart condition-I'm 65!
  4. Muskoka1

    Help needed in whitney

    In Quebec used CAA twice for tows of 100 k.+ each time-they said they'd sent sleds across the country creatively!
  5. Muskoka1

    Are they grooming Muskoka?

    SnowCrest just did D/N. of G'hurst!
  6. Muskoka1

    Warning new skidoo handlebar muffs

    Fellow was gassing up an Apex In Rapide-Sept P.Q. when muff got caught in throttle-he got thrown off-sled hit a snow bank & ended up in a tree!
  7. Muskoka1

    BS Trail Grooming???

    Yeah-I use my own ATV Spring & Fall to put up/take down posts on MSR 31!
  8. Muskoka1

    Yamaha 2t Alpha ?

    Lighter than a 4 stroke for the mountains!
  9. Muskoka1

    Lake muskoka and Rosseau

    That yellow boathouse @ Macassa Pt. used to be the Nielsen family of chocolate fame!
  10. Muskoka1

    Lake muskoka and Rosseau

    You go into bay @ Macassa Pt. on Rosseau/across Hall's Rd. & Peninsula Rd. onto Cumberland Bay on Joe
  11. Muskoka1

    Lake muskoka and Rosseau

    Call Gordon Bay & ask them about ice conditions @ N. end of Joe
  12. Muskoka1

    Lake muskoka and Rosseau

    Ran from Eilean Gowan past Pride's to Boston Pizza Sat.-good to go-a blow-up in G'hurst Bay & a few in the big lake-close to 18" between Browning & Pride's!
  13. Muskoka1

    Are they grooming Muskoka?

    Shud be good tomor.!
  14. Muskoka1

    D- Trail Bracebridge

    Doing the best we can with what we have!
  15. Muskoka1

    Are they grooming Muskoka?

    Not much snow here in Bracebridge/Gravenhurst-doing the best they can with little!