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  1. SudsJeff

    Ontario registration sticker

    Thanks, that worked! I must have had something reversed.
  2. SudsJeff

    Ontario registration sticker

    Hey all, My registration sticker expired this summer. Are we able to purchase our registration stickers through the Service Ontario website similar to cars? If so what do you enter for plate number/permit number? thanks
  3. SudsJeff

    Winter 2.0

    Agreed! and it looks like we’ll have negative temps right through the weekend! I’m hoping to do some riding this Sunday. Do you think it makes sense to leave out of Skead community center or trailer a little further north?
  4. SudsJeff

    Last ride of the season

    perhaps , but as I am sure you know those loops are pure whoops after a day of busy riding. bring your Robax!
  5. SudsJeff

    Last ride of the season

    With all that snow forecasted in the Sudbury area, do you think the stp will groom?
  6. SudsJeff

    Cartier Moose Loop

    They used to have a restaurant, not sure if its still open. There are plenty of options for fuel and food around Chemmy. Its not too bad to cross the streets with your sled as well. A few weeks ago i ate lunch at signatures, road west down the sidewalks/ parking lots to the petro can, crossed the street at isadore which fed into the D trail. There appears to be some trails behind the motel (according to google maps) that would probably give you access to the D trail). Give them a call to verify. Worst case Ontario you give those carbides a work out and ride from your hotel down the road to the D.
  7. SudsJeff

    Cartier Moose Loop

    Have you looked into staging in Chelmsford, Northland motel? Its right near the D trail which will give you daily access to those Sudbury loops. I often ride out there for food at Signatures (they give sledders 10% off). There are trails behind the restaurant that lead to D.
  8. Hi all. This was my first year snowmobiling (in the Sudbury region). I had some general questions about trail permits, choosing a club and how to help out. When selecting a club on the OFSC trail permit site I picked the club closest to to my home address (Broder dill). Most my riding was done in another club area (Nickel belt snow spirits). Does that matter? I'd like to get more involved with volunteering next season. Any tips are how to get organized to help out? Finally, can someone point me in the direction of where I can get info on how the OFSC works. Governance, grooming, fee distribution, MOTS etc. Cheers
  9. SudsJeff

    Anyone riding within 3 hours of Gravenhurst?

    Hey Soup. Any recommendations on where I should unload from (moose or wolf loop). I was planning on putting my sled in the truck and driving up from the south end. Much appreciated!
  10. SudsJeff

    Anyone riding within 3 hours of Gravenhurst?

    I'm hoping to get out for a ride in Sudbury on Saturday. Either out of Onaping or out of Skead. most of the loops are still showing green. Both areas are forecasting 1-3 cm of snow tonight/tomorrow, so it might be OK.
  11. SudsJeff

    last ride of yr

    If the Sudbury Trails are still decent this weekend and anyone wants to do a loop with some company let me know!
  12. SudsJeff

    New Rider in Sudbury

    Hi All, I recently moved to Sudbury and live on Long Lake. After seeing many snowmobiles fly by my place I decided I wanna get in on the fun! I picked up a 2008 Yamaha Apex. If you`re looking for condition info in the south end or for a partner on the weekend trails let me know! Cheers.
  13. SudsJeff

    Advice Needed for Sudbury

    Sudbury is getting a major winter snow storm right now. Likely going to see 20-30 cm today.
  14. SudsJeff


    $198 for liability with TD on a 2008 Apex ltx GT
  15. SudsJeff

    Will Sudbury trails survive the warm up?

    Hey Laker. Where were you planning on riding? The Cartier Moose loop reported back this morning all green. The Northbound sno drifters are still doing their poker run this weekend. I live on Long lake in the south end and Yes its a mess out here (we got T-storm last night and this morning). But its colder up there. Plus there will be snow coming in on Friday and <-10 nights this weekend.