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  1. IndyIan

    What about Wawa?

    I am hearing alot of conflicting reports now... Called Jones in wawa and he said they hardly got any rain. Regardless hoping for the best for whoever is there now, as this is probably the last 2 weekends for most! Let me know how it goes!
  2. IndyIan

    What about Wawa?

    We aren't schedules to come up until Thursday, hopefully the warm temps will loosen things up! Would hate to be up there this weekend
  3. IndyIan

    What about Wawa?

    How did you make out with the rain?
  4. IndyIan

    What about Wawa?

    Good luck, and keep me updated on how you make out.
  5. IndyIan

    What about Wawa?

    Booked into the Wawa motor Inn for March 21-24. Weather forecast is looking pretty bad for the next couple days with rain followed by cold temps. Looking ahead into next week it's supposed to warm up again, so hoping this will loosen thing up enough but not wash it out. Any suggestions? First time to the area, thinking to try the "boondocking" scene if the trails take a hit from this rain...
  6. IndyIan

    2020 Yamahas

    My point exactly, and significantly more than what my 2018 cost.
  7. IndyIan

    2020 Yamahas

    I guess I got lucky on my deal than haha... Buying a Sidewinder over the Thundercat was certainly a no brainer, glad I didn't wait until 2020.
  8. IndyIan

    2020 Yamahas

    Ya I hear what your saying, but you also won't be spending MSRP on a Sidewinder, or any sled 2 months into the season either.
  9. IndyIan

    2020 Yamahas

    https://aber-sno.com/new-models/2019-arctic-cat-zr-9000-limited-137-black-26570 I was basing my comparison off of MSRP, they are very close... Arctic cat definitely seems to have lots of left over inventory to clear out. I look forward to hearing back from them tomorrow on the price OTD!
  10. IndyIan

    2020 Yamahas

    Where are you buying a Thundercat for 14k??? And 21k for a Sidewinder is a bit of a stretch... Not saying they are cheap, but the gap to any other top of the line high hp sled is really not that big. Especially if you get one with the 0% finance, which I have yet to see from another manufacture.
  11. IndyIan


    I am a local here and very familiar with the trail... It was on a summer maintenance only road which turns into a trail. Very icy conditions, peak of a blind hill with slight bend and running directly into sunlight... at least that is what I gathered coming up to the sleds being loaded onto a tow truck. Main thing no injuries.
  12. Anybody have a track for an Elan? Doesn't need to be good, just in one piece and usable for around the cottage. Thanks
  13. IndyIan

    Night Riding

    I agree with seeing the incoming headlights. Living in the GTA, by the time I get to the cottage or riding spots it's dark, and can't wait to get out. I find I can see the terrain of the trail much better, and almost always can see the incoming sled before they are coming straight at you in a corner. Less traffic at night also, but always have a full tank of gas, especially in northern Ontario.
  14. North ridge Inn is closed for the winter from what I have heard.
  15. IndyIan

    How big of a trailer?

    7x14 plus 5' v nose is a tight squeeze but possible. Will need to have one forward one backwards and one more in the v nose. I would go with a bit longer like 7x21' or 23' including the v nose. Less messing around with loading.