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  1. prozak69

    Snowcrest Trails 2012 2013

    open south kahshe narrows
  2. prozak69

    Snowcrest Trails 2012 2013

    Hello Everyone I made it to “Kahshe Lake” on Monday & Tuesday this week the condition were awesome. Fresh snow from Sunday night. Despite the forecast no rain or freezing rain as of 4.30 on Tuesday when I left. I went snowshoeing on trail #4 for a while. It looked pretty good. I know that sound weird and almost surreal since there is not an inch of the white stuff here in Barry The lake is stake, just a very little slush in Grant Bay. As usual open water in the narrow to”Small Grant Bay” 9 inch of ice (mostly black) off the dock. See you on the trail soon
  3. prozak69

    Snowcrest Trails 2012 2013

    thank you 2bsledding
  4. prozak69

    Snowcrest Trails 2012 2013

    Hello everyone Would anyone have update the ice condition on Kahshe lake ( From Deanne's marine to Grant Bay) May be planing to go to cottage Monday Tuesday next week thank a million
  5. prozak69

    Funny Video about Sledding

    ha ha haaa cool
  6. prozak69

    trail 4 conditions

    Hello Would anyone have update on Kahshe lake condition From Deanne's marine to Grant Bay planing to go Monday Tuesday next week Cheer JJ
  7. prozak69

    Snowcrest Trail Report 2011 / 2012

    Proud to be a Snowcrest Rider Thank to all
  8. prozak69

    Snowcrest Trail Report 2011 / 2012

    Hi slow touring My shortest route take me from Deene's east to across Rockheaven Kueys bay then south between the two small island north/west of the #4 Stake line then down all the way into grant bay the cotage is on Grant island (the second bay), I walk on land from were #4 meet the lake to the mouth of south kahshe river ( i don't trust the narrow) Thank for resdonding Prozak
  9. prozak69

    Snowcrest Trail Report 2011 / 2012

    Now that good news, Good luck tomorow on Kahshe Thank Blake thanks to all ?..would anyone now if the ice condition is good from denne's marina to north of the Kahshe stake line..? I wish to go on Monday
  10. prozak69

    Thin ice on Kahshe

    Thank you for your welcome There is plenty enought ice on the stake line in the chanel However at the south exit of the lake just 30 m from the trail entrance on your right near the narrow of the south Kahshe river the water is open. I am new to this lake(and Ontario)& I don't now if it is ever safe around there. Just tought I would let everyone know. enjoy prozak69
  11. prozak69

    Thin ice on Kahshe

    I was at the cottage yesterday and their is still a lot of open water in the south end of Kahshe lake espcialy around Grant Bay Stay off the ice! Keep it safe thank you