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  1. Lake Joseph finally started to freeze over (again) last night. Going to be a while until it's safe.
  2. Our cottage is about 8 minutes from Bill...
  3. Are those people stuck in the 80's? It's 2016. There's free internet access everywhere, and prepaid credit cards at every corner convenience store. Anything that streamlines operations is a win in my book.
  4. I have stayed at the Quality Inn in Petawawa. Nice modern hotel. Kelsey's restaurant within walking distance in the same parking lot. Trail right across the road and within range of several loops.
  5. North, up by Masonville. We should go out for a ride if we get any snow down here this year. Do you usually hook on to the trails near Thamesford?
  6. Hey BackSleddin, what part of London are you from?
  7. Happy New Year to all, and to all and snowy Winter!
  8. Greetings all! That's impressive!! There can't be much base there, but good for them for getting the season kicked off before the New Year! Anyone from the Pembroke area available to report of the conditions? Happy Holidays everyone! Aaron
  9. I put my foot through the ice on Lake Joseph in our bay 10 days ago, but there were still people running the bigger water. With enough speed, guts and stupidity, you can do anything!
  10. Agreed! That would be great. Even an opt-in call list would be cool. Still surprised there aren't any businesses offering these kind of on call services.
  11. Thanks Mike, will do!
  12. Interesting. Seems hard to believe that CAA would dispatch someone to a remote trail in the middle of nowhere! I thought I saw a truck/trailer for a company out helping someone parked on a road near Horseshoe Lake a couple of years ago, but can't remember the name.
  13. Hi all, hope everyone's enjoying the season so far. I'm going to be doing a lot of solo riding in the Muskoka area over the next month and I was wondering if anyone knows of any CAA type of services for snowmobilers who break down. I'm riding a brand new Renegade 800 and would hate to get stranded somewhere remote. Thanks, Aaron
  14. Yup, it's pure statistics. Just bought a 2015 Renegade 800, and my bother has an older MXZ 600 etec with 12k+ kms and no issues. It's a solid engine, and there's a reason it's the most popular on the market!