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  1. FishHog

    Beer cans on trails

    I have never understood people who can carry full beers but can't carry home an empty. Perhaps they are afraid of them being found if they are stopped by the OPP, but otherwise its just pure laziness. I pickup a bunch on my cottage road every fall after hunting season. I really don't care if you have a beer for lunch, but what makes you think its OK to litter.
  2. FishHog

    Sudbury - Snow conditions

    looks like your in for a lot of rain tomorrow. Could be some flooding issues with the ground still frozen, but I guess all that snow will absorb a lot of water
  3. FishHog

    Sudbury - Snow conditions

    well damn. I've delayed the trip a bit hoping things would improve, wasn't wanting more snow. I love winter, but I'm ready for spring.
  4. FishHog

    Sudbury - Snow conditions

    thanks for the info Soup. Not really what I wanted to hear, but good to know.
  5. FishHog

    Sudbury - Snow conditions

    No not looking to ride, but thinking of heading up to the cottage which is accessed via part of C trail south of town. Just wondering how much snow is still on the ground if anyone knows? Wondering if I will need to hike in, or if I could get through with the quad. thanks for any insight FishHog
  6. FishHog

    Sudbury - Snow conditions

    .sorry, double tap
  7. FishHog

    ITG User Survey

    To be honest I didn't really have an issue with the ITG this year. Did what I needed from it everytime I used it. Since they are still improving it, I'm good with that. As for the quebec one, this was covered on a snow trax show, it was all volunteer done and took years of work. Its great, but who is going to do all that work in Ontario? Would be a good job, but I suspect the pay would be poor. Not really a fair expectation. Maybe some of the complainers should step up and do the same in Ontario.
  8. FishHog

    Gas mileage suggestion

    your 1200 will be fine. I've done 220k with my 1200, but that was making me nervous. Anything under 200k is a easy run unless your plowing a foot of fresh powder.
  9. FishHog

    Kirkland Lake Area

    grooming every night doesn't mean they can get to every trail every day. groomers don't go that fast to cover their entire territory. And if traffic is bad, even fresh groomed trails can be beat by the end of the day.
  10. FishHog

    Planning on purchasing a newer used sled

    you could always get the seller to show you his original bill of sale, if financing was done on it with a dealer, it should show that as well. That being said, gut feeling goes a long way. you can usually get a good sense just looking around the guys house as to whether he has money and more than likely just paid for it on purchase. Get a bill of sale stating its free and clear of any liens, and he won't stand a chance if you ever need to take him to small claims court.
  11. FishHog

    Elliot Lake

    Me too, not sure how much of a melt they got, but was good to go prior to that.
  12. FishHog

    Busted up in Cochrane

    I rode a single ply studded track for 6 years with only one bent stud to show for it. Never had a problem, but did use the studs made for single ply with the larger washers. That being said, my current pre studded ice ripper is the cats ass in my mind. Not as good of hook up as studs obviously, but more than enough for my kind of trail riding.
  13. FishHog

    Busted up in Cochrane

    bummer, but unless you cooked the engine, buy some JB weld. Patch the hole and ride. It will last.
  14. FishHog

    How Long Do Sliders Last?

    7700km on my factory set on my renegade. Still lots of life left. Front always wears fast, but then stops. don't run your track too tight and you should get a decent range on them.
  15. FishHog

    Sudbury will survive the weather

    I've parked there for a few days. Went in and asked, and they told us to park out front, but we only did that with permission. Never hurts to ask if someone is around.