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    This is what happens with a $180 permit, get use to it, lots more to come everywhere. You can stretch steel, aluminum and plastic, the federation has stretched dollars as far as they can go. Everyone will get to ride their 20 grand on a lot less k of trail for the mere rock bottom price of 180 bux.......congrats to all the tight wads that cry about permit price, now suck it up.
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    Whatever the cause, I'm saddened to read this. Every trail closure, gas station closure, restaurant/motel/etc closure diminishes the experience that once was. Not only was this a great trail to ride in and of itself, it was a connector trail. One that connected the rider to a whole other network of trails; and, with similar cross border trails at Kirkland Lake, New Liskeard, North Bay, was part of an offering of a myriad of "Loops" opportunities. Lost.
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    North Renfrew Snowmobile Association (NRSA) is pleased to announce the new Deep River park & ride. A HUGE THANK YOU to the Town of Deep River for their support and co-operation in creating a park & ride in Deep River. Saturday January 23, the club will be having an official opening of the park & ride with the Deep River council. The park & ride area is locate between Esilman Auto's and the Deep River Animal Services on the south side of HWY 17. (GPS coordinates are 46.0987376; -77.49621580000002). The park & ride is an extension of NRSA trail 135 allowing easy access to the OFSC TOPS A and access to a variety of local businesses including gas stations, restaurants and overnight accommodations. Please use this new park & ride instead of parking at the Tim Horton's lot, Our club would appreciate your help in showing the Town of Deep River that snowmobilers appreciate the town stepping up. Trail improvements to NRSA trail 135 were completed in the September 2015 which included a new culvert so now there is a groomed trail to the park & ride. On December 26, 2015, local contractor Pat Stewart Trucking gave us a surprise Christmas present by creating the new trail over to the back of the Bear's Den. A big THANK YOU to Pat for donating his time and equipment to help our club and snowmobilers. As well we have 2 other Park & Ride areas: Chalk River area on highway 17 east of Chalk River at the Chalk River Business Park with trail access via NRSA trail 133 to TOPS A-trail (GPS coordinates are 46.0156077 -77.445710). Rolphton area on highway 17, beside the Rolphton ESSO with trail access (GPS coordinates are 46.171708 - 77.69701). These park & ride locations are on the OFSC interactive map.
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    Contrary to popular belief, the district did not see a big influx of sledders coming from Quebec every year via the A105Q. The ones that did show up always seemed surprised that everybody spoke French here. I'm reading a lot about how everyone used that trail to go to Quebec...why maintain a trail that takes $$$ out of the district? While it might have been a "nice" trail, I applaud the district on the tough choice....one that ALL other districts will have to make. Before you get your new groomer, you have to make some sacrifices.
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    If I recall correctly, this was the whole point of the MOTS exercise, wasn't it? Reduce the fleet and rationalize trails to get a bigger bang for your permit buck. If you look at the map, it's not like another club can pick up the slack on that trail, as there is no other club. Many on this board have spoken before about clubs needing to drop the low use trails to focus more effort on the high use areas. This is what that looks like. BP
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    100% true, yes there are efficiencies but the bottom line is that price has effectively been reduced to $180 and that is too low to sustain the infrastructure.
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    The Larder Sports Bait and Tackle gas station is open with a good local price on gas. See here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+LarderSportsAndMarineLarderLake/posts They stock quality snowmobile gear such as helmets, suits, mitts, gloves, etc., along with fishing and hunting gear. The wife and one son bought their suits there along with at least three helmets so far. Typical convenience store stuff as well. The Muddy Moose is here: The Muddy Moose Restaurant and Inn 14530 Gov’t Rd Larder Lake, ON 705-643-2600 Food is average for this type of restaurant and I haven't been there since last winter.
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    How do you know that it was in/lunch/out riders that used the trail "mostly"? Did you do a survey? Only goes to Quebec and back? What the hel-- does that mean??? That trail was used as a loop connection for riders going in/out of Quebec and I believe it saw more use the last couple of years particularly with the free Quebec weekend. It will hurt tourism in Cochrane and area to a degree. That being said, I understand the clubs decision. The district grooming concept would dictate that neighbouring clubs would pick up more Cochrane trail to the west and south so Cochrane could run east however, I'm sure those clubs are already stretched to the limit.
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    It looks like we have a few days of snow ahead of us. Hoping to see some colour changes on the ITG this week.
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    Lying SOB! I haven't even sledded yet this year, besides I wouldn't steal someone's cameraeither. Looks like a good ride! Hope you get your camera back!
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    Division and Carlyon lot half full at 8 a.m.
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    Good morning fellow Ocers!!! The groomer was out in Midland!!! Yeehaw let the games begin
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    always have room for fellow Polaris riders...
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    Come on down buddy.. I'm leaving my place around 730am, see u there
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    Thanks for the update...heading up tomorrow!! I think they're getting a bit more snow tonight which shouldn't hurt.
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    Looks like I'll be there in the morning all ready for 9am riding.
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    Can't listen to the complainers
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    Just getting off the trails today and thought of another good use for the Fusions - if you get a bit of thumb throttle fatique (forgot to do your conditioning exercises and yoga pre-season) wearing the glove on the 'warm' configuration provides some nice padding against vibrations. Do this for a while and then switch to 'grip' mode once hand muscles have steadied a bit.
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    That's the diff between u and I,,,u live there and I don't!
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    You are quite correct, absolute hypocrisy. This will be cancelled by month's end or sooner IMHO.
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    as my good friend Clint Eastwood always said.. " a man has got to have priorities" or was that, a man's got to have limitations?? LOL! i hope everything works out for you guys. you work too hard, to not have some "wants" in your life. Ski
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    My old cat had 9,000 km on one belt when I sold it.
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    You've got that right. They're trying to remove the insulating snow to expose the water to the upcoming colder temperatures.
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    Not impressed with the Mercedes engine. Iwould prefer a Cat,Perkins or better a Cummins anyday
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