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2012 begins!


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So a little birdie told me to watch the ofsc updates today. Those on the west side of lake muskoka will have reason to go up this weekend. Big thanks to Rene, Gary and the entire crew there that have worked so hard to make this happen. Lakes aren't staked yet thou so if you don't know don't go....

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As of last evening,it appears that none of the MLSTA trails have been groomed.

There was a single run on some of 114,possibly a bit of c102 a few weeks ago,but nothing since.

Is there an explaination for this?

After our most recent snow,one would think the trails would have been attended to...as they are now,they are waaaay

too painfull for an old fart like me...not even near the idea I have as "fun".

Chatter around the BLH was to get outa the area asap....or go home for a nap.


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