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    There is some bright-eye across Lake Joe from me who started dragging stone and timbers across the channel just north of Sherwood Inn about 6 days ago to build some cribs. The timbers are still sitting on top.....but his pile of rock went thru last nite. Hope his customer is pleased with the new shoal in front of his docks;)
  2. Mcthumper


    Sorry for the slow reply...yer answer is probably gonna be better for ya today than tomorrow tho;) I really only KNOW about Lake Joe...fo rthe others,well,thaty aren;t far off the same. Top half of Lake Joe is open water...has been all season...but it wider now due to the winds last weekend. Where there IS ice,it's not great...I have about 8" in front of my house,in the narrow section to the south end.There's 10-12" in Stills bay. There are few tracks out there and fisher folk are taking it day by day...VERY few huts,most of them of the tent,fold-up variety (down by the Nunnery,at Apian Way near Port Sandfield,there is one hut when normally there would be +25...just one lonely fisher guy out there yesterday) Bubblers are huge,and all the usual weak spots are very weak. With a couple days of rain promised,and temps now staying well above freeze,none of this will get better.Just getting to the lakes will likely be impossible in a couple days. +10 and sun today..rains tonight thru to thursday....highs of +8 thru the weekend coming up......Damn but if there was good ice,this weekend would have been terrific!... Always loved those late season lake runs after the trails were done. To avoid damage to my machines and me,we packed them up last week.Heard chatter at the arena last night from the die-hard younger bunch that rocks are cropping up in strange places on the trails in the area too.... a couple destroyed suspensions. Will try and post the pic I have from one of our local fly-boys from about 10 days ago......
  3. Mcthumper


    Doesn't seem that many were on the ice,there Rippin....Most folks are be following good advice! Opening season on lake Joe yesterday....very few huts,and those that were out in the usual spots were,for the most part,gone by 4pm. All but a very few huts were of the tent/portable variety...probably a very smart move.....well...smart for ice fisher folk:) I never really 'got' the concept myself...standing out there in the middle,wind,ice,snow,rain....staring down a black hole. They's welcome to it! Todays forecast rain(and by the radar now, will be substantial) is really gonna play havoc with already tennuous ice conditions. Should more slush develop(and likely will) yer speed will be cut drastically....a factor when you come upon that unexpected hole...or mile....of open water.
  4. Mcthumper


    Culled from The Moose...our local radio news>>> Ice Conditions on Lake Muskoka Questionable Friday, 10 February 2012 07:54 CFBG Editor A heads up for the public about the ice situation on Lake Muskoka. The Moose has been contacted by a concerned contractor who says there's been a dramatic turn for the worse in terms of ice stability on the lake over the last couple of days. Fissures and wide-open areas of water have developed where there was solid ice only days ago. Two days ago, the contractor says ice near Baxter Island was in a somewhat solid condition, but he says now there's at least 40 feet of open water around it. <<< I was not the contractor...someone else called in the warning. These random openings are happening all over larger water.
  5. Mcthumper


    It's wide sweeping comments like "The small lakes are OK" that get folks into trouble. It's not true...not in the real sense.Mr Snowcrest....not everybody rides 3500km like you do...most get a quarter of that and ,not to offend,but don't have a clue what they are doing out there...certainly not when it comes to exceptional conditions such as we have now. There are places on the smaller lakes ,where folks are used to riding, that are FAR from OK! Spring holes have popped open,bubblers have joined up...there is water running everywhere. Parts of lakes where one would think are safe are not....Long Lake is a perfect example....only the middle is ok...the sides are bad to open in long stretches from bubblers and wind. One of my kids has his hut out on Indianhead....yes,lots of ice under it....but 200 yards away there is no ice where there is a popular,in other years,spot to access the lake. Understand this.....people arrive here friday nights,look out their cottage windows to see nice winter across their lakes.They hop on the sled with "Oh ya...it's february,it's -15.....lots of ice!"...and away they go. I live on Lake Joe,south end.Last night,about 9pm,a single sled shot up the lake,real fast, towards the north.In front of my house there is 8"....about 2 miles up the lake it is wide open...wide open for miles. Does the guy on that sled know that in the space of about 90 seconds his ice is gonna run out...in the dark...alone???? This is how sledders die. STAY OFF THE BIG LAKES!!!! EMS/S+R has pulled more people outa the water in tha last 3 weeks than any other year...3 in one day last week. Little guy went thru a springhole across from our jobsite on wednesday this week on Lake Joe...8 inches of ice,one spring hole...one very cold wet kid,lucky,,,very lucky... to be alive today.
  6. I can't stress this enough folks! Unless you know EXACTLY....and I do mean EXACTLY....where you are going...STAY OFF LAKES JOE , ROSSEAU, AND MUSKOKA!!! Ice this year is VERY UNPREDICTABLE. Large sections of Lake Joe are wide open. Parts of Rosseau and Muskoka are covered by only and inch...but they have been covered for weeks. ANY narrow areas between islands etc are NOT SAFE!!! Dock bubblers are joining up...creeks are running...spring holes are everywhere. If you have teenagers....keep them on the golf courses and in the sand pits...that way they will only break their necks. You will see some tracks out there.DO NOT TRUST THE MORON WHO WENT FIRST!!! Most ice surfaces are very slick from the melt this week...covered by a dusting of snow...we only got a wind-blown inch of 2 today....under that is about an inch of ice,then water,then if yer lucky, some solid ice.BUt you will have little control on this surface. For all you city folks who may be thinking our weather up in the north has been even remotely normal...it has not! STAY OFF THESE LAKES!!!!!!