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La Bannik and surrounding areas

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Booked one of the small luxury chalets at La Bannik for just under a week and here are our thoughts:


  1. Cottage, albeit a tad small was very nice and clean, Everything worked and your own personal hot tub is awesome.  Nice propane fireplace and heated floors was a nice reception when we got back from a day on the trails.  Only negative was the size and lack of cooking abilities other than a microwave and toaster oven.  They do offer a cottage with a full kitchen but its 2 bedrooms and a loft. Better for a family and of course, more expensive.
  2. The food (Dinner) - We opted for the snowmobile pkg which included a "full breakfast" and dinner. Found out that over 1/2 the items on the menu had an up-charge.  Valentines dinner was a pre-fix with most of the regular menu missing.  This offering has a substantial up-charge which we were forced to take.  This was not a problem based on the menu as all the offerings looked excellent! Upon ordering we were informed that the appetizer (Shrimp Cocktail) was sold out (7:30pm) and they would sub in a salad (Chef or Ceasar). No discount. The salad was iceburg lettuce and a few grape tomatoes. The rest of the meal was totally under whelming, my wife's steak was tough and covered, smothered in some kind of sauce. My duck confit was spot on but its the type of thing thats made off-site. Chef liked to use a sweetend balsamic glaze over everything,,, yukk.  We ate there again the following night, same experience. We both opted for the upcharged filet mignon; it was sirloin steak. Not tenderloin.   3rd night we thought.. " no more upcharges" lets order something safe.. We both ordered the chicken supreme, again horrible, left most of it behind. Way overcooked and again, smothered in some kind of sauce and the ever present sweet glaze. Our final nights we ate grocery store food we bough in town.
  3. The food (Breakfast) - The full breakfast, delivered daily to you chalet consisted of 1 sausage on a english muffin and a similar item on a bagel. A huge muffin, some fruit cups or if you're lucky a couple of yoghurt. This is all delivered the afternoon before your breakfast, they put it in the fridge.  Hmmm, 5 star and I have to mic a day old breakfast sammy and make my own coffee.  Wow!
  4. The wine - the only alcohol we purchased was from their wine list in the resto. Some good selections to be had with fair pricing.
  5. The service - overall the people were extremely nice, even during checkout when I claimed by distaste for the food, ALL of the food. I even ordered a plate of fries and I couldn't eat them. They had so much seasoning on them it was disgusting. 


Before I get into the other reviews we did call around to other places that stated that due to COVID, there were't taking anyone from ONtario. So it was slim pickin's even though they were in a Orange zone.


Had a hot breakfast in town at La Gaufriere. Crepes are their specialty so that's what I ordered, a large fruit crepe. First off, not whipped cream on top but whipped topping. OMG, really? Custard filling was way to sweet and it contained fruit like watermelon, cantaloup, grapes.  OMG again. And this is their signature. My wife ordered a simple western omlette that was grossly over cooked. Didn't go back.


Last day we had lunch in Notre-dame du nord at Rendez-Vous Des Quinze. We both orded cheese burger specials and spit an order of fries. Burgers were home-made, buns super fresh, and topped perfectly. Fries were cut in-house and delicious.  I would of ordered a 2nd burger if I knew it wouldn't hurt me later :)






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Nice report! Sounds like you know your food!  It's great when someone takes the time to do a report like this as it gets other readers interested in the place and doing a bit of research to see if it suits their vacation types. Thanks again!

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1 hour ago, slomo said:

Nice report! Sounds like you know your food!  It's great when someone takes the time to do a report like this as it gets other readers interested in the place and doing a bit of research to see if it suits their vacation types. Thanks again!

Thank you! I feel compelled to share this one for sure!

Well i'm an avid cook with some culinary training. We were not expecting fine dining, just a good hearty meal when we returned and I know good and simple food is easy to do. I also prefer a hot breakfast and when we booked it was sold as "we deliver your breakfast right to your chalet."  Very surprising considering the rates and reputation.  The chef, or shall I say cook, should be ashamed. And in PQ of all places, thats one reason we go (is for the food).



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