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  1. still have the super clamp for sale
  2. Sold trailer and guy didnt have a sled so took out the Caliber ski guides, track mats and edge flaps and Super clamp. All used for 3 years in very good condition. -Caliber Lo pro ski guides 9"x30" have 12 full pieces and a couple cut ones. Checked Royal dist website $160 for 12 pcs. These worked really well hard plastic but low profile if you use your trailer for other things. Comes with stainless torq fasteners. -Caliber trailer edge savers, 2 of them 6" wide. -Caliber track mats 3 of them I believe 15"x30" -Super Clamp front with adjustable mounting track, these are
  3. 2017 Neo 6x12 Aluminum Enclosed Wedge Nose | Cargo & Utility Trailers | Kitchener / Waterloo | Kijiji Just posted clean trailer lots of options better pics from my phone on Kijiji with full description. $6350.00
  4. I believe this, as a kid I used to swim in Toronto harbor near the Don River. I was tempered in raw shite and rarely get sick.
  5. That will buff right out! Seriously, that is a nasty one!
  6. I was trying to load the sled on the trailer night before 3 day trip. It didn't get coupled properly....YEP...when sled went on back of trailer, bam off the hitch and through back window of my SUV, bastard! Worse when there is no "trail" fix.
  7. Worse when there is no "trail" fix.
  8. After reading about sledjunk's unfortunate breakdown on his RAP tour figured misery loves company. Chime in with your failure story (truck, trailer or sled) bonus points if you have pics!
  9. Dropped in Palmerston went west then north to Clifford back south east to the car. Nice 3 hour ride. Trails were really good, smooth and groomed. Some thin spots on farmers fields and in the woods but overall nice with limited amount of snow they have. Thanks to the all the volunteers who made it possible. Road running was very thin and temps got up a couple times. Lots of sleds out no issues with racers. Overall excellent little rip close to home.
  10. 1049 that p;ic is priceless !
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