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  1. Jon and Linda have the Kashe Lake Northland Recreation store open this weekend. "Soft Open" so he isn't overwhelmed. Grand Opening to follow.
  2. Since it was totally your fault, can we assume you paid the other 2 fines?
  3. There are stations in southern Ontario sell ethanol-free fuel in lower grades than premium. Mostly, they're independent stations. One I stop at frequently is the XTR in Pontypool. And the Petro-Canada on Division in Cobourg is also an independently-owned station.
  4. There isn't much that's known for sure about the future Bronco. But we do know one thing; the union agreements are in place and they suggest that the Bronco will be built alongside the new Ranger. Hence, it's reasonable to guess that they will both be body-on-frame construction. Road & Track speculates that the new Bronco will be more like the foreign-market Ford Everest, built on the current Ranger's underpinning. Most insiders agree that Ford is likely to release both 2- and 4-door versions too. No matter what, the new Bronco can't be a worse tow vehicle than the old one.
  5. Is it possible the plow driver and supervisor were in contact with the police and were plowing in support of the jack-knifed semi up ahead? The cops may have told them to keep plowing and they'd sort out the damage claim after.
  6. Agreed. It's worth double-checking so you know whether you're in compliance or not. It changes your road-side discussion with the cop if you know you're not legal but ready to beg forgiveness or plead ignorance. It's ridiculously easy to let yourself fall into the CV inspection requirements without being commercial. I think I've mentioned this here before, but there's a MTO officer in Kawartha Lakes area who enjoys being a d!ck. He has ticketed numerous guys with regular 1/2t pickups pulling dual-axle bass boats. I don't know if they were convicted or not, but this pr!ck leaves
  7. Unfortunately, Montana Tractors closed up shop some years ago, and they weren't ever very common in Canada. You have a couple of options for pricing yours. You could ask the same question on Tractor By Net. http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/montana/ Bearing in mind that it was built either in Korea or Inda, another option is to price a similar-sized Mahindra, and then discount the Montana because there's no longer a dealer network or parts support. It's monetary value on the market will be low compared to its usefulness to the right person.
  8. Kim, have you ever watched closely for tailgate deflection during loading? How have they been for you? I ask this because the OEM tailgate cables are anchored to points that are purpose-designed to support heavy loads on the tailgate. I see these bars are anchored to the tailgate's latch points, which were designed to just keep the tailgate closed, which makes me wonder if these points can really support this load. Is there anything that uses the trailer hitch? I'd trust a post in compression more than these bars attached to latch points.
  9. I think the post above ^ landed in the wrong thread.
  10. What's a "Tendo"? I did a quick search and couldn't figure out what it was.
  11. Be sure to carry plenty of spare shear bolts.
  12. It looks like the 1200 is only 25lb more than the 900ACE. http://www.ski-doo.com/ca/ski-doo/renegade/renegade-enduro.html
  13. Cold, snowy forecast, but it appears it won't get north of the new wall.
  14. Or on a lake, or a trail, or a rail line, or at a fuel stop. Sorry.
  15. Huh? Are you talking about piston rings? What did they pop off of? So when the engine reverses, the pistons and rings now go down and up instead of up & down?
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