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  1. Just a little bit to my last post, if you think I'm going to sit here and not defend myself with everybody slamming me, you are very much mistaken. Most people are scared of you big shots, I guess. They would agree with you right or wrong and jump on the band wagon. Still waiting for a post that shows no gravel on Grassy or from Urs, that said he had a groomer on a gravel road. If you people on this forum can't see that this a one way street and it sure as hell ain't my way.
  2. Sorry to see you get in on this, being the little camp you are, 7 hours south of here and on a lake that was fished out 10 years ago, and you are slamming me? Go ahead. Everybody else is. And when I post pictures that defies what Urs said, and apologized to his little girl for the confusion, nobody came back about them. It's not surprising though, is it. You just want to crucify me because I'm taking money out of your pockets. But that, I expected. And Slow Touring Guy is just a bozo. He doesn't know what he is posting. He's just interested in slamming me. But you can count on it, there will be a different ball game here next year whether I'm on here or not. So there you go, Monkey Man. So you're the big shot and pays the bills, go for it. Even if I'm not on here, it's not going to stop me from telling people that call or sleds that come in here, what's going on.
  3. Ok, I may have misunderstood your Mother a couple of years ago. She told me that a very old friend of mine was dating her daughter. And I don't want to drag him into this. But ask your Mom. Ask Bobby, he can tell you who it was. If it wasn't their daughter then I don't know who it was. Sorry for the mix up.
  4. <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s60.photobucket.com/user/DARKSIDE55/embed/slideshow/Grassy%20Road%20%20old%20L143"></iframe> I'm trying to post the pictures. Hope it works. Well the pictures didn't come up but the link is there. As you can see, there's no gravel. Less snow than a week ago but more coming tomorrow.
  5. I'm sorry Reved. But I didn't realize every post I made had to agree with you. You guys are 600-700 km south of here and have no idea what's going on up here. And your trip up for 1 night, doesn't allow you to demonish me. Just some heads up for you, 30 years ago or so, Urs's daughter and her boyfriend, use to spend their weekends at my camp on Nipissing. So I guess now, moneys getting tight, heh Urs? I don't have a restaurant and a bar like you, which pulls straight in and away from there. They ask me why I don't advertise on the map and that's because, it cost me more than I get off snowmobilers. And if you slander me again Urs, I'll let you tell your opinion to a judge, because now I have it in writing. And all the people on this forum that are jumping my ass, where are the pictures that prove I'm wrong? I have the pictures now but I won't post them because everybody here is on my case. Money talks and bullshit walks......right boys? Whether you ban me or not, I've lots of friends on here that you don't know about. They are scared to post because of people like you. Just to give you a little insight, our groomer operator has essentially shut my camp and Three Bears off 5 years ago. When Brandon Baker of Three Bears handed him the groomer on a silver plater. And 3 years ago, we had 7or 8 snowmobilers up here, who spent 8 hours running up and down the trail to Three Bears. And it was a good packed trail. The very next morning the groomer operator went over and used the groomer to bank it so nobody could get through. I thought that was pretty shitty of him. Well I just want to let him know, I just purchased a front end loader for 80,000.00 grand. He's going to have a hell of a time doing that again. Also he keeps screwing with my mail which is a Federal offence, we'll see how that works out for him. You guys from Southern Ontario have no idea what's going on up here or could care less I guess. And like I said, why should I post pictures, which I have, and defy anybody to post to the contrary? There you go! End of my rant! Maybe if you guys spent more than 1 night a year up here, you would know what was going on. Probably not though. LMAO
  6. Thank you for that information. I'll go there and see if I can figure it out, so I can post a picture or two. Again, thank you very much.
  7. Urs, judging by your post, I guess the friendship is over. lol. If you had read my post properly about them plowing up close to Timmins, and they did come all the way to 560. But it's not down to the gravel and there is about 5 - 6 new inches of snow on it right now and it's 3am Wednesday morning. I just drove down there. Nothing I've said on here has been a lie and I don't like being accused of it Urs. If you want to prove your point about Grassy being down to gravel, go over there and take a picture of it and post it. I can't. They won't let me post pictures or even tell me how. I am not telling anyone where to ride. I'm just telling them where I've been. And one question for you.....What were you doing with a Groomer on a road plowed to gravel?? And my problems with the Groomer operator here and the Gogama Snowmobile Club, which I don't have a problem with, and I don't know where you got that from. And the problems with the Groomer operator here in Shining Tree is a year round problem....just not snowmobile season. So don't make it sound like it is. I just don't like what he says about my camp period. And if you call me a liar again, you'd better be ready to back it up. You and the Elk Lake Club and the Gowganda Club, do an excellent job. Never said they didn't. Sorry you have taken this attitude Urs.
  8. Just came down from Timmins on the Grassy Road (old L143) along with 12 other sledders. The good news is, they did a little plowing at the Timmins end, but the way they did it was done on purpose and left more than enough snow on the sides for snowmobiles. That's only for a few kms. Because as far as I know, this is the only way to get from Timmins down here. Because from what I hear, the New L143 is not up and running and probably won't be this season. I could be wrong. And just so Slow Touring Guy will know, all the machines had trail passes. LMAO. Nobody is trying to beat you out of money. They are just trying to find a place to ride their sleds. And Akron, you must have been on the wrong trails on the Family weekend, because I had over 80 guys on sleds in here as well as my camp was full. So the bosses here don't raise my points anymore because their pissed at me. So be it! Right now, I guess there is no money for the money making clubs, which is much needed and I understand that. But you guys shouldn't deny guys who have trail permits and looking for a place to ride. And I have anywhere from 25 guys or more a day, calling here wanting to know our hours and if I have gas. And I am open from 9 AM to 7 PM, 7 days a week. I am a normal gas station. I have 15000 gallons (not litres) of Premium gas. Been here 50 years. Didn't drag a tank in for 2 or 3 months out of the year. I guess all the phone calls is because the Groomer god is not answering his phone. I hope this post makes it but I seriously doubt it.
  9. Ok, it looks like I've made a mistake posting any news or opinions about Shining Tree. It appears I've ruffled people who have a lot more feathers than me. For that, I apologize but I was just voicing my opinion and comments about the area. Most of you don't live anywhere near here or really know anything about what's going on here. But don't worry about me because I'm through posting anything about the area, or comments. And again, I apologize for voicing a different opinion than the owners on here. You guys have a good season and ride safe! Me and my wife were ALS Paramedics for 20 years and I think we may have seen it all from snowmobile accidents. You name it.....we've attended them. Once again, ride safe, ride sober and hope we will see you again.
  10. Nope. just what he said why we had to stop the use of it. Just to clarify for you. The Grassy Road is not plowed right now and they have no plans to plow it until the middle or end of March. And that will be to remove excess snow so the melt and runoff doesn't ruin the road. Now that is as of right now. That could change tomorrow, next week or whenever.....it's their choice.
  11. I'm not patting myself on the back Domino. I know you own this site and can cancel me at any time, which I think you are pretty close to doing because I won't let your "Groomer God" and the Gogama Club, which is not a local club to us here, it's 70 miles away in one direction, shut everything in Shining Tree off. You say he is a volunteer, he gets paid for every damn thing he does. If he didn't, he wouldn't do it. I was here years before he got here and I'll be years after he's gone. I don't know why you have such a hard on for me, maybe it's because you misread a lot of the posts, or reconcile what is really happening here. Or you can't take any comments about the "Groomer God". When they needed my property to get to the old L143, I could do no wrong. Now I'm just an ass but I will not let them run over me. I have a tractor coming in this week and I will show you how to open trails next year with or without sanction. Your choice. And just a little bit more information for you, the old L143 on Grassy Road is my BHA and BMA areas, I don't need a permit, even though I do get them. And yeah, we don't ride a lot each year because we are too busy. I get an average of 10 to 15 calls a day in here from sledders and that will continue whether I am on this forum or not. You need to do a little more research before you start slamming me. For 2 to 3 months at the best of trade from sledders is not going to make or break me now or any other time. The "Groomer God" it will. Money rules their domain. Not mine.
  12. I hope you are not referring to my post, was because everything I posted was about the old L143 on Grassy Road. Not the new one they are supposedly doing, because I don't even know where that is. I consider Urs at Auld Reekies and Ron & Giselle at Gowganda Lake Camp, friends of mine and they do an awful lot for snowmobiling.
  13. Just now had 5 guys come in from there for gas. And one of them owns one of the largest logging companies in the province. He doesn't want his name used because he doesn't want all the nasty emails. I took a picture but I don't know how to post a picture. So if somebody will tell me I will post it. Also I quizzed him about Grassy, since one of his companies is the one that uses Grassy and plows it. I asked him how come we can't use that road anymore for the C trail and this is what he told me. He said he has tried several times to reach a happy medium with the clubs and it didn't work out because the clubs didn't hold to what they said they were going to do. Sleds still coming down the middle of the road at 70 mph. Jumping off the groomed trail and splattering snow all over the road, which his drivers complained about drastically. He said he would entertain the notion of using it again if someone like me would want to get involved (pat myself on the back) but that's not going to happen the way things are around here.
  14. I don't know the last time you were on Grassy Road, the old L143, or where your information came from, but last year they quit plowing it in the middle of January. I just went down there in one of my trucks and it has not been plowed, except earlier in the year and then only to the access road. When we went up there over the weekend, there was a little over 2 feet of snow on the road. And like I said, I just got back from there and there is still over 2 feet of snow on the road. And as far as the trail permits go, I don't know if the guys using it have them or not but I see a great number of them on the machines when they come in here. And they are riding a lot farther than just here. They are going on to Kap, Cochrane & Wawa. And if they didn't have the permits, I'm sure sooner than later they would get caught. I've been here 50 years and I deal daily, if not weekly with all the logging companies all year long, not just in the winter. And if you don't believe that, call them and ask them about me.
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