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  1. About that time to head back up to the Almaguin Highlands

  2. more snow coming tonight to SW Ontario

    1. Redfisher


      I was just thinking we could use some more snow.

  3. 250 mile weekend...great times

  4. First 50 miles today Elmira To Arthur and back

  5. was a little refreshing walking out the door this morning

  6. Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Starts today on Speedtv

  7. rain made a mess of the south western trails

  8. not looking forward to this freezing rain storm coming our way wish it would all arrive as snow

  9. Fired up the IQ Turbo today, won't be long till its all ready for the winter

  10. Now thats what I call stuck ! Well done
  11. fog and a touch of freezing drizzle is all we got last night

  12. thinking i need to move to Creemore

    1. white dragon

      white dragon

      or at least meet someone there...with nice shop

  13. Parr sled auction was a flop, less than 30 running sled were being auctioned.

  14. Xmas lights are up, + 16 C today not winter weather but a good day to put the lights up

    1. Melanie Mitchell

      Melanie Mitchell

      16, geez lol where u from ?

  15. calling for sunny and 12 C today

    1. yammahappy


      oh godman,i needthis to be a good winter,after the krap winters we were having ,i got fed up and sold my gear 2 yers back.......as always the itch came back and i bought a couple of less expensive sleds and a trailer for this year,and there had better be snow,i love the sport,buy if i cant use my stuff,theres no sense incurring the cost,unfortunatly ,i dont live far up north,so trailer travel is not feasible.........anyhow im staying positive that this year is going to stay cold and the rain...

  16. 3 set of snow tires installed, one snowblower prepped and one lawnmower send for winter nap

  17. woke up to wet flurries this morning

  18. been smelling death in the office lately, this morning discovered really old lunches in the fridge..........yuck I think I am going to be sick !!

  19. had to scrap snow and ice off the windshield this morning

  20. had to scrap snow and ice off the windshield this morning

  21. another cool morning

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