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  1. We’re planning a trip starting tomorrow from Parry Sound to North Bay via C101 through Port Loring, then a loop n orth of North Bay. What condition are the trails in? The OFSC map shows green but I’m hearing everything is ice with a lot of bare ground. What’s really going on?
  2. b-bry

    Parry Sound area trails

    The trail map shows C Alternate open yellow across Portage Lake (just north of Parry Sound). Is this lake staked? Anyone been on it recently?
  3. b-bry

    Parry Sound Area Trails

    350 follows a Fire Road - I would think that is a non-plowed municipal road. I'm told it has been groomed and is being used, but it shows red on the map. This is probably a weakness in the rating system - if part of 350 is closed (on the lake) the rest on land can't be shown green or yellow. The part of 350 on Clear Lake Rd and Brown's Lake rd are shown red, but they are definitely public roads and can be used by snowmobile at any time. This thread clearly shows that 12 of us actually pay attention to the interactive map.
  4. b-bry

    Parry Sound Area Trails

    Looking at the map, here's a classic example of needing to ride a red trail to get to 330 and 340. Look at that loop - the only connection is 350 or C102. Both are red. Why open an isolated loop if the club expects everyone to stay off a red section? Hmmm ...
  5. b-bry

    Parry Sound Area Trails

    Probably because the road running coming off the east end of the lake is bad. 201 is staked at the west end, and up to mid last week we were all over that lake. Don't know what the mild temps did to it a few days ago, but there's pretty good ice underneath. 201 is South Seguin club, 350 is West Muskoka, so there are two clubs that stake that lake.
  6. b-bry

    North bay lodging

    Yes to both. We stayed at the Travelodge last year and 2 years ago - switched to the Clarion this year. Sled to the hotel, gas and Tim Hortons right across the street, lockup for the sleds (or get a room where you can park right at your window), bar and restaurant, hot tub, heated outdoor pool, sauna (though the sauna is not as good as I'd like), pool table in the bar, good food, good draft. This will be our choice next year again, hands down.
  7. b-bry

    Etiquette Question

    No one has ever offered an official explanation (that I'm aware of) that explains how the trails are listed as red, yellow or green. I have seen red trails that are better than green trails, as I'm sure many of you have. I've also been on yellow trails that are far better than green, and green that absolutely suck. Can anyone explain (officially) or is this privileged knowledge?
  8. b-bry

    places to eat in Kearney

    The Legion has good food, quick service, even a pot of chili if you're really in a hurry. This place needs our support - like most Legions, it's hurting bad. No waitress service, you just go to the window at the kitchen, place your order, they call your name when it's ready. Our group of seven ate there on Monday and they'll have my support from now on. No more Sudz on Main after our last experience there a few weeks ago.
  9. b-bry

    Purdy Mica Mine

    No, but we did find a dead bat on the snow.
  10. b-bry

    Purdy Mica Mine

    For anyone not familiar with this, it's a "must-see" at some point. The Purdy mica mine is on A112A about 20 miles northwest of Mattawa. Take a good flashlight if you want to go back into the mine, but there's lots to see within sight of the opening. It's worth crawling through the small tunnel on the right just inside the entrance. There's a good video on YouTube: https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjN_aG0wITLAhWGpB4KHZiKAS4QtwIIITAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DNdb3ZD-_iBY&usg=AFQjCNEWHukbXgv1fzSucEmWtN2QwwwfUQ&sig2=cmK-9rTVfBJj-oqUesb4eg
  11. b-bry

    trails north of Kearny

    Thanks for the input - I'll check specifics again just before the trip on Feb 13 or 14.
  12. b-bry

    trails north of Kearny

    Planning a trip in two weeks to North Bay from Parry Sound. Question: Leaving Kearney, heading north - what are the nicer trails (scenic, condition)? TOP D trail, or AL302, AL303, D123? Staying on D is about 15 miles longer than the other route to where it joins D. Having never run these trails, we're looking for advice.
  13. b-bry

    Kearney O'Neils

    Suds on Main
  14. b-bry

    Kearney O'Neils

    Our group went there last Saturday for a very late lunch. The service was a model for complete incompetence - the experience was painful. We'll choose elsewhere from now on.
  15. b-bry

    Quebec banning studs

    I checked with the Quebec snowmobile federation by email yesterday. Their reply is below. This changes my group's plans for a week in Quebec. Further to a recent pilot project (see attached) launched by the Quebec Ministry of Transport, track studs are considered illegal at this time. That is, their use is banned at road crossings and at all sections of trail which utilise public roads. We are currently discussing the matter with the government. Please monitor our Web site for any forthcoming changes. This is the link for the press release : http://fcmq.qc.ca/press-release/?lang=en