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  1. Gas station at Lk St Peter a great option (they encourage sled/trailer parking) , miss as much of the B106E as humanly possible. If its flat thank your clean livin, it doesn't stay that way for long. LSP north and East are wonderful options on the MLSS trails. Lunch in Comberemere is direct trail access, by either E or local MLSS trails. MLSS 175/173/168 are lower traffic very scenic trails.
  2. We aren't far from there got maybe 2" last couple days. I wouldn't think trails would be worth it, in total we have maybe 4" on the ground.
  3. Very unfortunate News! Unfortunately due to ongoing landowner issues with inconsiderate ATV and Snowmobile users Trail 930 from the clubhouse in L'amable to Coe hill will be permanently closed. We had hoped to find a new route through but neither existing or new landowners will allow the trail through. Please if you also ATV please respect landowners gates and don't go around them and ask your friends to as well or we will continue to lose more trails from our system And yes just to clarify you can still access Coe Hill via the E trail as it was last year and the clubhouse via 930 from the E trail (rail bed) also. From OHSR FB page ^^^^ This is all about ATV's many gates here that are respected by sledders but not ATV's. Difficult to go off trail in winter this is a rugged area. Trail will really be missed, the club put a lot of work into this trail over the past 10 years and it improved a lot. One of our favs loops especially at night. :((
  4. Desjardin sleds only '15 GSX SE 1200 - no coll $233 tax in $500 deductable
  5. Trudys open got gas there yesterday, they were out of regular so I believe they were rationing regular on weekend. I barely trust their gas so we pay ($1.39) for premium hoping it is more trustworthy. They take cash or debit not new they have been that way for awhile. Was told gas comes Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  6. Heard the E110 south of Bancroft was smooth once. Hasn't ever been my experience
  7. Partsource had much better quality than PA for sons hatchback, I'd imagine they could order any size quickly.
  8. Owner @ The Hideaway when in for dinner Sunday told us the trail was closed and unlikely to be opened this season due to landowner issues. Figured he would know since the trail crosses his parking lot.
  9. Heard the 930 due to landowner dispute (or 2 landowners) won't open this season, saw the portion from Heritage (E - B106E) signed that trail ends at the clubhouse now so it seems to be true. Anyone heard anything about this, quite a bummer if true much work has been done on that beauty trail to allow better grooming last several seasons. This loop trail will be sorely missed :(( On a happier note Hideaway restaurant is back open by a friend to sledders.
  10. Should be fine, trail no longer goes through the yard this year it is back through the gas station/Hideaway (which opens again weekends Jan 6) . Use old trail behind the sand pile (old trail), they get a bit pissy about riding through the yard past the municipal building. Gas station was trying to attract sledders with parking behind (down the hill), could call them to be certain. Trudy's has parking as well, a bit further for you.
  11. Word still is Coe Hill gas will open next weekend. Doesn't look like it but work being done inside getting ready. Think we r done for the season, 1 sled ate a piston on Sat.
  12. Trudys sold out of gas today (Sat) both premium and regular, don't know if they had any since Thurs. Can't count on them for sure
  13. Trudy's was limiting gas for sledders to $20/sled last weekend for fear of running out. Coe Hill gas station reported to be re-opening next weekend (Mar 6) I will post update when confirmed open
  14. Coe Hill gas station re-opening Mar 5 or 6th apparently. Some ministry approvals to get done then back in biz ! Trail no longer goes through the station but can access by same road trail top E used to use along back side of town.
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