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  1. In my driving around Parry Sound/Muskoka this weekend, I observed the following snow depths. Parry Sound 2" Huntsville 5" Burks Falls 2" Magnetawan 1" Unbelievable start to the season and it will be weeks before anything could possibly open. Yikes. Carmen
  2. 14 inches at my place in Huntsville. Booohyah. Carmen
  3. I am not sure if you could legally ride one of these on OFSC trails. Perhaps someone here knows. Carmen
  4. That is incredible Blake. Who says you can't snowmobile 7 months of the year in Ontario. You had an epic season for sure. Carmen
  5. Upon closer inspection, I now see there is gas at Auld Reekie Lodge area. I dont know why it didnt show me that earlier. Problem solved.
  6. Hey guys, I need a little advice for a trip I have coming this week. I will be traveling from Timmins to Temiskaming Shores on Friday via the L143 and then heading East on the A107C. I am a little worried about fuel along this route. I know there is gas at Elk Lake, however, according to the OFSC app, that is a 220km distance which would make me a little nervous for our group. Does anyone know if there are any fuel stops along this way, or will I have to take a detour over to Shining Tree for gas? Thanks in advance, Carmen
  7. I got the same ticket 10 years ago, and I was using a transponder. I told the OPP officer that I thought it was a waste of tax-payers money and she informed me that the OPP units you see on the 407 are completely funded by the 407 and not tax-payers. I fought the ticket in court and had my bill with me to prove I used the transponder. I was found guilty with no fine. Judge told me it clearly states in the motor vehicle act that you cannot drive on a toll highway with the tailgate down, transponder or not. Carmen
  8. Sorry to read about your issues Rick. If I had to miss a trip, that would be a heart-breaker. I hope you get things sorted out soon. Carmen
  9. I was wondering the same thing this past week. I figured it will turn into a short road run and then contiue as normal. I guess we will find out soon. Carmen
  10. I got out again clearing the trails on Saturday before the big rains came. The snow was deep and there was plenty of clearing to be done. Please contact your local clubs to see if they could use some extra help in getting things set-up for the coming season. Every little bit helps. I know the Huntsville area will need a lot of volunteers as there are so many trees down from the first snowfall. Anyways, here are a few photos from my adventure. Carmen
  11. I know everyone is getting excited to get out on the trails with their snow scooters, myself included, so I chose to contact my local club and volunteer my time ( and my buddy Mike ) to clear the debris off the trails from all the fallen trees from 2 windstorms and the first heavy snowfall which created a mess. I can tell you, the D trail is a mess. Our progress was made 100 feet at a time. We worked all day Saturday ( Nov 17 ) and exhausted ourselves. It is a labour of love, but there is sooooooo much more clearing to be done. Anyways, here are a few photos I shot along the way of our adventure. Carmen
  12. I was raking on Friday, and plowing on Saturday. Wow, it came in fast. 9 inches in roughly 10 hours. It was -12C on Saturday night. This was at my property on the west side of Huntsville. Carmen
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