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  1. So, have all un-vaxed y'all's still been shunned from our border?


    I was amazed when I found out that it was open last fall going your way, yet y'all couldn't come down here!


    Heard on the news this morning that Woohan Institute for Biological Warfare Flu restrictions were coming to and end as for the Mexican border, and so I am guessing that explains why that was still imposed on the Canucks?


    So, our border should be open to you now, or soon?

    Guessing that y'all know more aboot this than I doo.





    Well, mine is better than dial up, but that's aboot it.



    In case anyone here is interested, and missed it, the first post has a reply on it linking what some other guys did back in 2000.









    A fella that I have met from Hearst and a buddy of his made a run all the way up to Resolute back in the early 'naughts, but I haven't seen their page up in many years now. Too bad!



    One more linked story [from 1970] from Post 1:



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    Does anyone know if there is a way to read it in order?


    I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page, and the bottom post says "Day 6".


    So replies or whatnot have buggared the time table.


    Anyone know how to navigate that any better?




  4. 1 hour ago, Strong Farmer said:

    Did bearings go you or just changed them when you did a track?  Water sometimes gets into drive bearing opposite chain case side, from running in the snow I find. Chain case side usually lasts forever and Jack shaft gets hotter so, it next one to fail  usually. 


    Can't say that I have ever had much issue with those as - they normally have a grease zerk on those, but I don't think that I ever found one there on the G4?



  5. 1 hour ago, -crz- said:

    Spent more time off the ofsc trails this year as my girls are getting older and riding their own sleds.

    7 and 10 years old on Polaris Evo's. We've been able to get some decent day rides on private trails & crown land. 




    Are you wearing hot pink as well? :poke2:




  6. 5 hours ago, AC+YA said:

    They cut the banks so we could ride on the tops when I was up a couple weeks back.  They did it last year also which really helps.  I don’t care about a bit of dry road when spring riding as it happens in every town.  If you’re not good with it, touring is not possible.  I don’t like it, but  very little consequence to the machines. 
    Like you said Ox, lots were parking at the bus turnaround. 



    Sounds super!


    But y'all have to understand that I haven't had to replace a set of worn sliders in over 20 years, and I've only bought one new sled in that time, so ...




  7. 17 minutes ago, skidooboy said:


    If the road is that bad, I would trailer, and drop the sleds, and leave the rigs at Carl's for safety reasons. walk back to the sleds, if need be. too many horror stories of coming back to broken windows, stolen items on Whitman dam road... I aint leavin my rig like that. even if you just pay carl the "parking fee" it is worth it. your results may vary. Ski


    Well, that's an option as well.

    Just wouldn't want to come back and run a klick of pavement...


    I have heard of some trouble there over the years as well, but then you see 30 rigs parked there when you drop there, so, it must not be quite as bad as all that. But I understand safe/sorry...

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  8. 3 hours ago, skidooboy said:


    If you take the park road out of dub 30k, you can get on Wabatongushi, then dog, then manitowik, then hawk, then wawa lakes, riding water almost the whole way. you can start even further north and come accross oba lake too. there is a heritage trapper trail route from Hearst, to wawa via the river, and those lakes. so remote, and so beautiful. one day, I will learn it all. with help, or not. Ski


    I have a pc of alum broke up, but not taken time to doo anything with it yet (like my LH throttle....) that should be able to mount up to 4 fiver's on the sled.

    I have a sleigh, but towing sucks!


    Waiting for that big economy crash that they have been promising....

    Maybe then I can have time to ride?

    Currently more back-log than ever!


    I wouldn't have wanted to make that run this year anyhow.

    Way more open water and slush than normal this year for sure.



  9. 16 hours ago, AC+YA said:

    I don’t think so, but saw many tracks into a cottage closest to the generator garage.  The vehicles have been there for a long time.  Saw another pickup stranded next to the trail/road heading up the power lines north of Halfway.  
    Only the sled trail leads to and from Halfway.  The road leading to Hwy101 was pure and not touched. 



    Well, I hear that they had troubles with a squatter a cpl years ago...

    (other than the bear)



  10. 6 hours ago, J Feces said:

    That is a cool ride. I was on Dog several yrs ago w my son doing the big loop…When it went across Dog to Chapleau. Went south on Dog and could not find trail to Manitouwik. On last day of loop went east of Hawk onto Manitouwik and met a local fishing out at far end said trail across to Dog hasn’t been cut through for few yrs. I know you know that area. I would love to get back and spend a week just exploring. Beautiful area w lots of off trail adventures. 


    That's a good ride through there!



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