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  1. Well here is a update on our club and sad to say it's not good. After our a g.m not new person showed up. At this point myself the president secretary and groomer coordinator are going to try one more time in September before we leave. Our district and neighboring clubs can not cover off our trails. So if new people don't step forward by the end of September trails will close. At the end of September the president and groomer coordinator are leaving for sure, myself after 30 years I would like to step away. This is were the trails will cease to exist if no one comes forward.
  2. We require help to keep our club alive. We are in the final stages of separation of the club. Our township is taking over our land and clubhouse, the snowmobile trails club will remain as the Eganville Sno Drifters if people step up to keep it alive. The group that are interested in keeping the races ( bonnchere cup) will be a separate organization. Please help get the word out this is a great chance for new people and new ideas no so called old boys club. Personaly I have been involved over 25 years heading up trails and with a new job last year , I don't have time but will be available if needed as I am still our clubs district rep
  3. 2016 Polaris Axys for sale. Purchased new from dealer in 2017, and has 5900 miles on it. Studed track. Stored in heated garage year round. $10.500.00
  4. Thanks to the Eganville Sno drifters trails coordinator and the district 6 s.c.s.r board for approval of funds . The rerout of the s.c.sr 119 connecting Eganville to Pembroke and Cobden has begun, this will eliminate approximately 5 km of ditch banging. This started over 2 years ago with going to the township of North algona wilberforce and getting permission to open a unopened road allowance. Then to have it surveyed that cost allow used up all money our club had in reserves.
  5. Had to find this !!! Look at the smile.
  6. Well despite what I have said in another post that I have had enough, well my wife hasn't. She ordered a xc 650 first of March last year ,her last email was maybe the end of March this year . She received a text email and call Thursday at work from blacks corners in carlton place. No her sled was not in but someone backed out on a vr1 650 same colour same options plus more . Needless to say it came home Saturday with 30 miles Saturday and 115 Sunday. Only problem is all I have got to do is back it off the trailer and pay for and put fuel in.
  7. Well was just told the landowner has permitted this trail to reopen. Now let see if people will respect them.
  8. Just seen on fb the timberline sc in Pembroke has lost its scsr trail 120 do to off trail riding. The 120 connects the Irving big stop and the Best Western tothe top A
  9. Ok after a 70 mile ride yesterday on fantastic trails for the little snow we have and my wife being pissed her new sled she ordered last March won't be in till late March this year. I again had a not so pleasant Sunday. Again walking my 100 acres with my 78 year old mother who by the way loves to see snomobiers from her house the trail runs less than 150 yards from it. First 4 sleds slow down all permits. Next 2 no permits speed off , next 6 all had after market exhaust 5 had no permits and if that's not enough we myself and again my 78 year old mother had to step off a 20 ft wide trail to avoid being hit. Also I was wearing hyviss jacket along with trail patrol vest. Again more than 5o% of sleds were non compliant. I understand police can't me every where but we need to see inforcement. The B.s I see from the ofsc its up to us don't ride with oeople who trespassing ride off trail have aftermarket exhaust is pure b.s the 6 a holes that were riding today did not care . ENFORCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thank for all the kind words and support. But if iam not mistaken the ofsc has in the past employed a person to lobby the goverment . Well if we don't soon see inforcment bigger fines and snowmobile impoundment like Quebec,our sport is doomed . No consequences for bad behavior!!
  11. I have had with this sport after yesterday and today has finished me. Just so you guys know I have been invested in this sport 29 years .grooming , club landowner rep, groomer coordinator, s.c s.a v.p. district v.p ,driver trainer and trail patrol. But after working 60 hr in four days ,I gave up 8 hours of my first day off to help train a new groomer operator and get trail prepared for opening. I was able to stop 12 sleds and informed them they were trespassing on closed trail all but four continued on and the four that turned around argued that the trail was open till we accessed the I.t.g. If that was not bad enough today our groomer is out trying to open the top e102 that has run through my family's 100 acre property for three generations. While out on my own property for a walk I stopped several snowmobilers and informed them that they were riding closed trail and trespassing and are risking trails being closed. But when I am TOLD TO F### OFF and GET THE F### off the trail we will do what we want !!! Iam at the point that I have waisted 30 years and at this point I am seriously considering closing down my property and selling my sleds. Oh and don't say call the cops the local department does nothing and does not care just like the o.f.s.c.
  12. Had the same thing happen to myself a few years ago. After when what was left of the ts110.was gone through it was determined that the cause was that the main power feed that runs under the cab and between the frame had worn through and shorted out , starting a fire. From the time I saw what I thought was smoke to the groomer being fully engulfed was less than 30 seconds. I had the full of my ass to get out with my jacket and fire extinguisher, that more or less helped me get out. After this our district has been checking for this problem on its ts groomers. Glad to here everyone is OK equipment can be replaced lives can't. Also with the amount of snow in the south the ofsc should be able to move something around to help this club/ district out.
  13. Sorry I had to go looking for before pics
  14. Eganville Sno-Drifters work on top e102 major washout between Eganville and Griffith. Thanks to trail coordinator Tom Schroeder who worked hard at getting permits and a contractor to go in and do the work. Also hats off to the M.N.R in Pembroke for fast approval of work permits.
  15. Spent this morning doing some signage improvements and putting in field markers. Out with the old tired destination signage in with the new. Expensive though I found a old steel fence post with my chainsaw and broke a chain cutting brush. First pic is the old tired signage.
  16. The Eganville Sno-Drifters is now only involved with trails. Do to insurance and other reasons the club had to split. There is now a entity called Bonnechere Cup who will run races. We are still in negotiations with a third party who will take over property and will allow the groomer to park at the same place and race group to continue races.
  17. Some more pictures of some work I have done on my own property to improve the top e102. Brushed back on average 5ft on both sides of trail
  18. As many as we can get . Our club like many are running on fumes. Average age of the six people today would be 60 years young. Average years of volunteering 25 plus years.
  19. Well it took 8 hours total over two Saturdays but a old 48 ft bridge deck was removed and a new one installed, on the Eganville Sno drifters scsr 119 trail. This thanks to the same six volunteers who seem to always show up . Thanks for bringing and donating your power nailers saws trucks trailers and for your time. Also thanks to Miller Timbermart for the great prices on lumber and for getting the materials to the site.
  20. More work getting done this weekend. A 48ft bridge on srsr trail 119 ( eganville to pembroke)had its top deck removed. A new deck will go on Saturday September 25th. Thanks to Tom our head of trails for organizing also a big thank you to Zach Plotz tree service for the truck and dump trailer at no charge to hall the old deck away and to the other three volunteers that came out .
  21. Not a group doing the work the gate install and brushing was two people. Our club like most has at best seven people that do the work. This includes executive and groomer operators, we have 120 km of trail and 80 plus Landowners . We have made a request locally for help for this weekend to strop a 48 ft bridge and redeck it. If no extra help comes that trail maybe closed as the bridge is unusable as is. Our sport will not survive if people don't come out and help.
  22. Labour Day weekend and back at it this time top E102 . Gate install and cut down cattails.
  23. The Eganville sno drifters in scsr dist six have started trail work last month with repairs to the top b101a trail ( eganville to douglas )that we had a emergency rerout late last season. This is were your permit dollars go . This was three days of excavator work.
  24. The red section of the trail is were two health units meet. Renfrew county is green. Halaburton is not . The goverment and ofsc have restriction on grooming and linking health units. Clubs dont make the rules we just have to follow them or there will be no trails to ride like north bay Perry sound health unit. That said local new reports that Barry's bay is looking at a lockdown because people are not adhering to health regulations. ( no masks)
  25. Contact snow country district 6 office I would say 95 % of brush bars in our district are hydraulic retractable. Work great we had fixed positions and had lots of damage. Since retactable no problems
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