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  1. On 2/17/2024 at 8:41 PM, ecarnell said:

    Found a beautiful blue bird day - unfortunately missed out on my ability. Got a 165” 3” paddle good and stuck in the mountains , luckily my son came back to help me dig out and pull.



    "Flipping the bird" at your saviour? LOL. Great pic.

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  2. On 2/15/2024 at 3:51 PM, Spiderman said:


    Glad I picked the bike up yesterday and not today :)



    Be careful, Heard on the radio yesterday there was a bad auto-motorcyle collision in Toronto (2-18-24). Scarborough, according to 680 News. Thought to myself - biker in February? Drivers are soooo bad in Toronto, add February bikers to the mix.


    And I get it re: bikers getting out. Saw some in January as well.

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  3. I've seen way too many motorcycles in the Toronto area. Weird end Jan - early Feb.


    Buddies posted from Quebec a week ago. Good conditions.  

  4. 17 minutes ago, Baylaker said:

    My Dad just saw a guy riding up the penetang harbour on his sled by himself pretty much at the mouth of the harbour. 



    I haven't been to Penetang yet this winter - can't imagine there's enough ice to safely 'doo' what you're reporting. I recall talking to an OPP officer. Most ice related injuies (or worse) happen to locals. 'They' ""know" what's safe, what's not. Until they don't. I never forgot that explanation. We tourists stick to the lake's stake line, occasionally veering off  'looking for trouble' with a local. Be safe, folks.



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  5. Thanks, MM. 


    I keep thinking of the year I didn't have trail passes (4) and drew the line in the sand at Feb. 2 (Greoundhog Day). Not trails open by then, not buying. It snowed early February. Heavy. Insanely, heavy and plentiful  snow. But it was wasy colder too. So there was a frost, set in the ground. 


    Have 2 passes for this year, purchased early. If, like some, I don't peel the sticker off the paper, c'est la vie. Support the sport.


    But still holding out hope.

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  6. On 12/2/2023 at 7:35 PM, Strong Farmer said:

    ...Thankfully I only needed help once  and left it at edge of road. When I came back a few hours later police was there. 🤦‍♂️

    ...Showed all paper work and loaded it up. Thought maybe he give me a hand but not that day 😳


    Funny about police assistance. We were parked in the Collingwood area and saw an OPP sled blow a corner (it happens). Drove up the few metres, dug him out - his partner assisted. Asked if we could take a pic while the OPP sled was buried. Nope. Respected that.


    But wish I had that pic (and that you have assistance with your sled, SF - like we help others with their sleds).

  7. On 11/25/2023 at 8:54 AM, 95rxl650 said:

     Keep some big ol' mitts on board for digging out moments


    I like that idea. Guessin' you ride with Doos' behind you? 🙃


    In all seriousness - my second pair has always been thin. A trick I learned from the TekVest company owner. Let the heat get into your hands from the grips by wearing thin leather gloves. But as I age, no longer liking that as much. Second pair will be big ol' mitts for the reasons you outlined. Thanks.

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  8. No input on Thunder Bay. But the last comment ( Corolla...gas ) made me think about an article I read about EVs and northwestern Ontario. Apparently, they need many more metered ( public ) EV chargers. Folks pull up to what should be a working EV charger - not. Call a tow truck. No other choice vFlatheads did a good business hauling EVs ( summer ).


    Tough in a car. I'd imagine some  great planning necessary for sledding up there. Email the District. 


    Good luck. And really hoping someone here has input. Bucket list destination.




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  9. Thanks. They're a regular source of our fuel (Hwy 400).


    Oddly, never 'felt the love' further north, at the Petro Canada south of Parry Sound. Drama with trailer parking (yes/no? For the day; overnight? Even had to park in a secluded 'Park n Ride' in the vicinity one year. Not like the old days at that Petro Canada station).


    Wolf Energy (Exit: Iroquois Cranberry Growers Drive) expanded last summer. Our go to for northern gas.


  10. I snowmobiled in D'ville last April. The hotel was (and is) a great supporter of sledders. They hold more rooms 'open' for sledders than our numbers may warrant. Should you plan ahead - yes. Like any hotel business, they cater to 'business' people and in this case it's often management from local industries. They're in for a few days, a week - whatever.  Stay there. Talk to them. They're excited about natural resources in the area.


    Plan ahead. GREAT area to ride. 

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  11. The show seemed smaller. We got through it quite fast this year. Saw a few sledders from prior rides, volunteers I knew in the 'club' section. 


    While smaller (vendor - wise imo) , it did seem more crowded. Saturday a.m., opening bell might be the reason for that. 


    My buddy commented on the 'financial planners' prevelant at the show. "We" are an aging demographic, and certain industries have picked up on that. Best line from one of the young ladies promoting banking services "Is your portfolio as green as your jacket"? (I wear Arctic Cat green - hate to be a 'Doo guy and hear what she says to you "Old Yeller' chaps :) )


    All in all, a couple of hours well spent.

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  12. On 11/6/2023 at 12:34 PM, Strong Farmer said:

    Dinner bell usually is good for overnight parking. I usually call ahead and clarify if it’s ok. I always eat in resturant before heading out or when I come back in. 
    Never used any of above options for overnight. 
    I have also parked over at golf and ski in mattawa. Mike usually pretty good about it. Lots of sledders ride in there which frees up parking. 
    That being said weekends would be tough at both spots during week you are usually good. 


    Great info re: Sand Dam road. Thanks. Sounds like the OP has a solution.


    I've also parked at the huge parking lot at Dinner Bell. Same model as above - purhcase meals when we park, meals when we pick up - and often a stay over evening on the last day of our trip. HUGE parking lot. I'd imagine 'safer' than roadside parking, but to each, his own.

  13. Never ordered tracking. Expectation is - ordered placed, order received. No drama.


    Will review available options when placing this year. 


    Never had an issue with permit delivery. Still miss my trip north to buy passes in person. 

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  14. TrakMaps customer. Received the following from the company.


    Dear Valued TrakMaps Customers,


    We regret to inform you that The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) has terminated its partnership with TrakMaps for the production of GPS maps covering the OFSC trails.


    This means the following regrettable consequences:


    We can no longer offer Ontario (OFSC) snowmobile trails maps for GPS product.
    We can no longer offer official updates for this GPS product.

    This product is discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

    While your current Snowmobile Ontario product will continue to function on your GPS unit, please be aware that there will be no further updates available. This said, we never recommend riding with trail maps that are out of date.


    It would be best to contact the OFSC for other available mapping options.


    We understand that the news is disappointing to our dedicated snowmobiling community, and we want to express our gratitude for your continued support over the years.


    While this particular collaboration has come to an end, please rest assured that TrakMaps remains committed to providing you with top-notch navigation solutions for all your outdoor adventures (ATV, Hunting, Hiking, Fishing, Boating, Snowmobile and so much more).


    If you have any questions about this decision or would like to share your feedback, we encourage you to reach out to the OFSC:

    Phone: 705-739-7669 (press 0)
    Email: [CLICK HERE]




    This one's a head scratcher. How can removing pinpoint location in Ontario's north be safe? 

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