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2017 D106 Echo Bay to Black Creek Outfitters

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The D106 is still red. Does anyone known the state of this trail.  I will be up there in two weeks and I am hoping we can visit Black Creek Oufitters

Are they are struggling with washouts or if it is just a matter of plowing and grooming.


How are the trails holding with all this warm weather. All of Southern Ontario's beautiful early snow is gone.

If you guys have good trails there may be a lot of sleds up your way.


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d106 I heard there is logging operations close to echo bay, so approx. 10km's are ploughed and sanded it seems. That hasn't been confirmed but has been the case in the past. Trail heading north from black creek towards halfway heaven has an unfrozen river crossing, that is larger and deeper then normal. D201F I believe they call it. I like riding the area as well.

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Coming out of Echo Bay the swamp is usually fine and the first part of the trail is usually good.  The power line is usually fine to the top of the hill too.

Does anybody know the extent of the logging.

How much of that trail in between is being plowed - has anybody been there this year?


It is a beautiful ride from the D trail into Echo Bay and you can get gas and food, always a great destination.


Just wondering. 




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The longing is actually on the D trail between D106 to Aubrey Falls and the D107 to Echo Bay


The logging is only 3-4 K so not bad.


The the D106 trail to Black Creek oufitters was not groomed as of Tusday but there is lots of snow Just a matter of time likely.


When that trail goes green on the OFSC Trail Conditions it will be fantastic.

The D Trail that does north to Heyden and to Searchmont is fantastic. See Pics Below



What Bruce mines has been able to accomplish with their trails with the snow levels is amazing

With this new snow they should be in great shape too.




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