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  1. Wyatt

    Bare essentials

    Also spark plugs - I have 2 extras in my bag
  2. Wyatt

    New member in Wasaga

    Welcome - ever up to Orillia will ride
  3. Wyatt

    Lake Couchiching

    Local news quoted lake unsafe still tonight on TV. They had a groomer on the tv stating they will be out on the lake next week likely.
  4. Wish I could go but don't think I'm at that skill level yet.. maybe next year :P Quebec trails look incredible!
  5. Wyatt

    Miller Lake New Years day 2018

    Slightly out of date signature there
  6. Wyatt

    Not a good day to go sledding

    Hope recovery went well... I've read of some people drying everything out and surprisingly still working
  7. Wyatt

    Not a good day to go sledding

    I'd panic... was this on a trail or off trail?
  8. Wyatt

    Grooming funds....

    So it's not "unacceptable" to ride on closed trails, is it just more like "ride at your own risk" ?
  9. Wyatt

    Grooming funds....

    Great points, as noted I am new and obviously far far from an expert! Thanks for clarifying. Wyatt
  10. Wyatt

    Midhurst to Wasaga on Dec 31st - Day ride.

    Did 30 miles this morning after Alexa told me it was only -16... then half way through I realized I hadn't switched her from Fahrenheit so decided to make my way in... Lol
  11. Wyatt

    Grooming funds....

    Just wondering if it would encourage more permits to be sold? I wonder if there is some sort of alternative to having OPP enforce the permits.. Could there be some other way?
  12. Wyatt

    Newbie in Kitchener Waterloo area.

    Scott, I'm new too... Welcome to the OC. Looks like the trails are closed in Kitchener still. If you have insurance and it is registered you could always ride on the road around town - that's what I did the first few days I had my sled. In the meantime there is tons of useful info on these forums. Happy riding. Wyatt
  13. Wyatt

    B trail Burnside Line

    Looks to be lots of sled marks on the entrance to B trail on Burnside Line in Orillia - anyone been on it? It is still red on the app? Wyatt
  14. Wyatt

    Grooming funds....

    It's not about affordability - snowmobiling is an expensive sport to begin with, and the permit is one of the cheapest things required. Even at the full $270 it is incredible value for the access it provides - think of the km of trails that are open, and even half that to account for closed trails. Further, you would look at the time used -> Let's say over the course of the winter you spent 24 hours on the sled, it works out to $12.08 per hour... pretty cheap I'd say - I had no problem paying that for a full season of use. Regarding enforcement, why shouldn't there be more enforcement? People need to be held accountable to their decision to be on the trails unauthorized. Speed limits are there for a reason -> 50 kph is very quick and is in place for the safety of all.