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  1. slowbutsure

    OFSC "Stay Connected" Events Section

    That is last year an IT person worked there.
  2. slowbutsure


    Great to hear grooming is being done. Nice to see a couple turn yellow. E108 & H6 More snow coming so hopefully more open this weekend.
  3. So we can all stay at Soupkids place. And not have to drop two million.
  4. slowbutsure

    Trails east of Embrun -anyone ride them recently?

    I rode in South Stormont on Sunday night. Some trails were nice....almost green. The fields were snow covered but bumpy. And occasional sections of washboard. It’s always worth it for me. Out for about 2+ hours never saw another rider.
  5. slowbutsure

    Dealership Deals

    Wait for 20-30 days of yellow & red trails. You see deals. Keep us posted on how you do.
  6. slowbutsure

    How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Thinking anything will be open for Friday? Or all trails will stay red with the rain coming in?
  7. slowbutsure

    How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    All the snow is in the GTA were the trails are non-existent. Who is organizing this stuff? Oh yeah Mother Nature. The temperature high this weekend is single digits but too much rain will be killer. Have to stay positive folks.
  8. slowbutsure

    Garage Goodies

    Fast lane to the burn unit.
  9. All the passionate sledders with valid permits should appreciate this enforcement.
  10. slowbutsure

    A quick shout out of 'Thanks'

    I guess you'll keep the "who is the better driver" comments to a minimum for a bit. It's refreshing to see the kindness of others and the camaraderie of the sport. Safe travels going forward.
  11. slowbutsure


    Had a great ride tonight. Uxbridge north and up and around to Sunderland, grabbed gas and back. Crossed the groomer up near Hwy #7. Smooth ride home. Couldn’t get the location finder to locate me on the OFSC map though. Thanks Terry your post motivated me to ride tonight before the yellow goes to red this week.
  12. slowbutsure

    OFSC On-line Map Working? Is it just Me?

    I appreciate that Yukon C. But it’s still showing open. No gate to the lake so if people run it, the miss information is not good. How is it human error when mobile shows one message and laptop shows another. I check regularly but the IT issues with the OFSC the last 60 days have been beyond acceptable. I respect the volunteer aspect but it huge dollars for trail pass revenue and issues cost all of us. People give up and the OFSC losses members &/or permit purchases. Lower revenue costs us all
  13. slowbutsure

    Old rider - new OC member

    Hey Folks, I'm Mark from Ajax. Been riding 2-up sleds for about 5 years. Currently riding a 2005 GTX 550f (former OPP sled) for mostly ice fishing. Simcoe and some backcountry trout lakes. If you're into heading off for the elusive speckled trout on your sled. Hit me up. I do ride around Lindsay, Port Perry and Ganny as well. As the name suggests I ride slow but sure. Thanks for all the tips and info on here.
  14. slowbutsure

    OFSC On-line Map Working? Is it just Me?

    I'm still not convinced. I checked on phone and see the trail on Scugog Lake is yellow. I was surprised so I double checked on the laptop closed. Which is it? Laptop screen shot..... Phone screen shot..... Like to plan before I go out and I wont ride on closed trails. Need to get a consistent message.
  15. slowbutsure

    OFSC On-line Map Working? Is it just Me?

    They need some serious IT help. Permit purchasing issues, shut down the old app too early, website down, trails map not working properly. I feel my permit should cover those services.